Higher education institutions “dream, entrepreneur, bloom” ignite entrepreneurial passion

—Let the entrepreneurial dream bloom in the burning years

Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics as a national first-class key institution of higher learning, with Xindao Technology Co., Ltd. The company has conducted in-depth cooperation in teaching software, teacher training and student competition. In 2014, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics introduced the “VBSE Integrated Practice Teaching Platform for Virtual Business and Social Environment” developed by Xindao Technology for the first time. In 2015, Xindao Technology’s “VBSE Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cognitive Practice Teaching Platform” promoted the innovation and entrepreneurship education of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. The two sides are in classroom teaching, curriculum resources, curriculum characteristics, teacher training, entrepreneurial competition, project incubation promotion, etc. There is a deeper cooperation and exploration.

The school has successfully held a number of college student entrepreneurship training camps in 2015-2017. It aims to make college students no longer shackled by the ivory tower and actively participate in “Internet + double innovation” through the training camp model. In the midst of the craze. Each period of the entrepreneurial training camp lasted for 5 days, and 6-8 senior entrepreneurial instructors gave lectures on the spot. From the initial 300 students to the current 500 students actively participated in this course.

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The guiding ideology of the school is to focus on the quality improvement of personnel training and to cultivate top-notch innovative talents. This guiding ideology fully embodies the combination of point and face in the reform of school education and teaching, highlighting the dialectical reform ideas of promoting breakthroughs with partial breakthroughs to promote overall development and overall development.

To establish a stable talent training base through the cooperation of production and education and resource sharing with Xindao Technology Co., Ltd., and maintain the healthy development of practical teaching activities. Further explore the new mode of school-enterprise cooperation, and further expand the scale of the off-campus practice teaching base and talent training base on the basis of maintaining the original practice teaching base. Efforts will be made to create a good environment for scientific and technological innovation in schools, to carry out the planning and construction of campus-based training bases, and to highlight interdisciplinary and school-enterprise cooperation, to introduce excellent enterprises into the campus, and to establish a sense of responsibility and responsibility for students to serve the society. . All kinds of laboratories are open to undergraduates, providing a platform for students’ scientific and technological innovation activities, and encouraging students to turn their sense of innovation into entrepreneurial practice.

In-depth cooperation between schools and enterprises, innovation and entrepreneurship exploration

The School of Economics and Management of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics relies on the new VBSE innovation and entrepreneurship cognitive practice teaching platform, and actively invites entrepreneurial expert instructors to be on campus. Actively promote the concept of innovative education, create an entrepreneurial atmosphere, and create a “full coverage” training model; focus on the cultivation of students’ ability, stimulate students’ entrepreneurial enthusiasm, and create a “full chain” training system; coordinating school, enterprise, bank, government and other resources. Break through the bottleneck of entrepreneurship and promote “all-round” incubation services.

In order to let students get in touch with “entrepreneurship” and better understand the “entrepreneurial” atmosphere, the school will conduct on-site roadshows on Zhongguancun Venture Street on the fifth day of each training camp. Entrepreneurship project report. The roadshow event invited the founders of well-known entrepreneurial enterprises, angel investors, and entrepreneurial senior tutors as expert judges to answer questions on the roadshow of students’ entrepreneurial projects.

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Enthusiastic class atmosphere

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Student Road Report Report

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Xindao Technology Vice President Song Jian Under the stage to do project judges guidance

School-enterprise cooperation, won the first gold

Innovative entrepreneurship training camp through cooperation with Xindao Technology’s in-depth school-enterprise To create a talent training concept, “cultivating innovative and entrepreneurial talents is the goal” Innovation and entrepreneurship education is the key “,” building an innovative business platform is the foundation of “” fundamental heritage of innovation and entrepreneurship education is “to enhance the students’ comprehensive ability, quality literacy and innovation entrepreneurship.

The first China “Internet +” College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was held in Jilin University. The “Unicorn Unmanned Helicopter System” team stood out from more than 30,000 works in the country and won the championship; “Airband” Internet + Smart Campus The ‘IoT Center Bracelet Team’ won the Bronze Award. At the same time, the competition set a collective award, becoming the only university in Beijing and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to receive this honor.

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Beihang insists on educating people, deepens innovation and entrepreneurship education reform, and comprehensively cultivates students’ innovative spirit. Entrepreneurial awareness and innovative entrepreneurial ability, guide students to pursue a noble spiritual realm, integrate personal life value into the great cause of national prosperity and national rejuvenation, and propose a combination of scientific research platform and teaching platform, scientific research and teaching practice. The combination of scientific spirit and humanistic feelings combines an innovative education system to create a “three-wide” assistance model of “full coverage” entrepreneurship education, “full chain” entrepreneurship training, and “all-round” entrepreneurial incubation. The whole school cares about supporting innovation and entrepreneurship education and student innovation A good environment for business activities. The school’s innovation and entrepreneurship training camp has been held for five times since 2013. It has directly participated in more than 800 students, radiated more than 10,000 students, participated in more than 100 entrepreneurial tutors, and docked more than 80 investment institutions and well-known enterprises. Four entrepreneurial resource pools of venture capital project library, tutor library, talent pool and base library were established.