Let the entrepreneurship pass on fire – Donghua University Entrepreneurship Training held an entrepreneurial forum event

Let the entrepreneurial spirit pass on - Donghua University Entrepreneurship Training Hold a startup forum event

 Let the entrepreneurship pass on fire - Donghua University Entrepreneurship Training held an entrepreneurial forum event

Let the entrepreneurial spirit pass on - Donghua University Entrepreneurship Training held an entrepreneurial forum event

November 11, 2017, by The second phase of NFTE entrepreneurship training jointly organized by Shanghai Charity Education and Training Center and Donghua University held an entrepreneurial forum event. The guests present at the forum included Zhang Yan, Director of the Entrepreneurship Education Office of Shanghai Charity Education and Training Center, Zhang Yan, Senior Trainer of NFTE, Wen Xin, Co-founder of Shanghai Core Enterprise Network Technology Co., Ltd., and the headline strategy director Bai Guang, Shanghai Laugh Han Xiao, Executive Director and General Manager of Cube Culture Creative Co., Ltd., Gu Chuanqing, Chief Instructor of the Entrepreneurship Guidance Service Center of Hongkou District Employment Promotion Center, and all the participants of this NFTE Entrepreneurship Training Course. The forum was hosted by Yan Qiang, director of the Entrepreneurship Education Program of Shanghai Charity Education and Training Center. In order to make entrepreneurial training more effective and more grounded, in particular, Hongkou District and Yangpu District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau recommended that entrepreneurial big coffee and entrepreneurial students share their entrepreneurial experience and entrepreneurial experience. Let the entrepreneurial fires continue to be passed on to the rookies who are determined to start a business. At the forum, Wen Xin, a co-founder of “Shen Rent Network” with 10 years of professional managers and 3 entrepreneurial experiences, graduated from Tianjin Polytechnic University and worked in IKEA for 12 years. From the initial entry to the IKEA China Regional Product Manager In order to realize personal value, we abandon the high-paying positions of professional managers and choose to start their own businesses. We have established Jinshang.com, and we have established direct sales subsidiaries in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Kunshan and other places. % of the territory. For the road to entrepreneurship, Wen Xin used six words to sum up: “Ingenuity, focus, attitude”, as a successful entrepreneur, experience and humorous words made the students impressed. Wen Xin also gave three suggestions to the trainees: The first is persistence. There are many uncertainties in entrepreneurship. Persistence is the foundation of entrepreneurial success. If you stick to the original ideas and goals, you will be able to succeed. Second, balance your time. The first identity of college students is students. Learning is the primary task at present. It is necessary to focus on cultivating their own learning ability. Knowledge and technology will be updated and improved soon. Learning ability will play a key role in future entrepreneurship or career development. The third is the Supreme guidance. There are many barriers and challenges for student entrepreneurship. Looking for a business mentor on the entrepreneurial road, you will be a bright light for the road to entrepreneurship.

Having 5 years of entrepreneurial experience, participated in the Davos Forum, G20 Summit, and won the title of “Shanghai Entrepreneurship Guidance Expert Volunteer Group Excellent Entrepreneurship Guidance Expert” in 2015, and now serves as the headline strategy director of today. With the theme of “The Nature of Artificial Intelligence and Entrepreneurial Opportunities”, the development process of artificial intelligence has been thoroughly explored. From the professional point of view, the students have shared the current development status of artificial intelligence and explored the possibility of future development. The students were provided with many entrepreneurial ideas in the field of artificial intelligence.

He said that compared with many previous data analysis techniques, artificial intelligence technology is based on neural networks, and at the same time, a multi-layer neural network has been developed to enable deep machine learning. The artificial intelligence algorithm completely simulates and constructs the corresponding model structure by using the input data. This algorithmic feature determines that it is more flexible and has the ability to self-optimize based on different training data. Until the breakthrough in computer computing power, such an algorithm has almost no practical value. Today, however, high-speed parallel computing, massive data, and more optimized algorithms have contributed to the breakthrough in the development of artificial intelligence. This breakthrough, if we look back 30 years later, will be another technology that is not weaker than the Internet has a profound impact on humanity, and the power it releases will once again completely change our lives.

Han Xiao, Executive Director and General Manager of Shanghai Xiaocuo Culture Creative Co., Ltd., is a graduate student at the School of Mechanical Engineering of Donghua University. He shares his experience in running a business with the students as a sister and entrepreneur. Experience. During his school days, Han Xiao began his first venture attempt to discover the defects of the original mosquito nets in the dormitory. In the ordinary mosquito nets, the zipper was designed to improve the function and successfully seize the needs of the student group. Since then, he started his own business. Road, designed and produced a smart and movable wall last year, her creativity has been recognized by the market, and is favored by young white-collar workers and entrepreneurs. On this basis, we constantly introduce daily necessities such as office and home, and push our products to a larger market. Han Xiao combines her studies with creativity and design to optimize and upgrade everyday products. Her innovative thinking has inspired the students. She also encourages students to turn their entrepreneurial ideas into reality in NFTE entrepreneurship training. .

Gu Shiping, chief instructor of the Entrepreneurship Guidance Service Center of Hongkou District Employment Promotion Center, gave a detailed introduction to the current support policies of Shanghai and district governments for entrepreneurs in colleges and universities. Under the new form of innovation, for college students to start a business, they can enjoy rent, tax incentives, secured loans and interest subsidies, exemption from administrative fees, enjoy training subsidies, free entrepreneurial services and many other preferential policies. New hotspots of social concern will also inject more social resources to further promote the success of college students in entrepreneurship. At the same time, Gu Shiping reminds all students that entrepreneurship depends not only on the timing, but also on the rich resources and the personal abilities of entrepreneurs. After all, entrepreneurship is not an easy task. It is necessary to review the situation and let yourself be in the tide of entrepreneurship. Find the direction and team that can be assigned.

Finally, Zhang Yan, director of the Entrepreneurship Education Office of the Shanghai Charity Education and Training Center, concluded that entrepreneurship is diversified, and entrepreneurs from different fields share and communicate with each other from different dimensions and perspectives. In the future, we will give you different inspirations and thoughts. In the future growth path, students can discover their own business opportunities from a diversified perspective based on their personal interests. Entrepreneurship is not a momentary impulse. Only patiently and persistently will usher in the harvest season.

Participants in the entrepreneurial class have said that the forum has brought them closer to entrepreneurship. The hardships of entrepreneurship and the perseverance of their hardships from their predecessors have made them more confident in their entrepreneurial spirit. Therefore, they have received an irreplaceable effect in the classroom.

After the Entrepreneur Forum, the participants took a group photo with the guests.