My entrepreneurial thinking and entrepreneurial style

Gong Wenxiang: Self-analysis of my ultimate entrepreneurial style electric shock company

Since my last analysis of my ultimate personality, I feel that my electric shock company is also the ultimate wonderful startup company. It is also worth dissecting. Since 2011, my company has had the following eight characteristics since the media startup:

First, the company that is extremely focused on me is an extremely restrained and extremely focused startup company, focusing only on media entrepreneurship. This positioning is very focused. In the past six years, I have only focused on writing Weibo and 12 private WeChat for a living. I have never done any specific business. There are dozens of companies looking for my business and specific products every year. Never refuse), never get into the water, never let go. My company’s income source and business model are also extremely simple, that is, from media advertising revenue and self-media community income, there is basically no other source of income, extremely focused and focused;

Second, extremely profitable startups do not make money It is shameful that those startups that rely on VC to burn money are not the mainstream of society. And my company has only 6 people in total. After 6 years of business, I have bought 4 suites from the money earned by the media. Every year, I redden out 3 million yuan for the red packets, and the company employees (including recent graduates) average 5 per month. Ten thousand yuan in wage income. Several companies have more annual net profit than most listed companies in China. The employees are basically on a five-star hotel and first class, each with an iPhone 7.

Third, the company is not kidnapped. I am 100% owned by a company. I have been in business for 6 years. I don’t partner with anyone. I don’t cooperate with any company to maintain independent development. A person’s willingness to develop a company freely. The life that is not kidnapped by any platform, any company, any customer, any employee, or anyone is free, and the entrepreneurship is cool, and it is the best. Fourth, extremely efficient Every year on August 20th, I held the Gong Wenxiang E-commerce Forum in my own name. Every time I paid 2,000 people to participate, but from the venue registration and on-site organization, my company is 6 people. No outsourcing, no cooperation with third parties, 6 people organized a professional forum of 2,000 people, and for the third consecutive year, the industry forum ranked first. After I started my own business, my execution was greatly enhanced. When I was a professional manager, the company used to do a hundred people’s activities. I also looked for an outsourcing public relations company and opened countless meetings. Colleagues had to write dozens of pages on the excel form of the event. I started preparing in a few months. The experience is: the execution of things with strong interest is high. I used to have a weak executive force. I have been a marketing director for more than 10 years. The way of working is to write a ppt. I have to find a budget for the boss and let the people in the marketing department perform it. I will not wait for the results to report. Now I am starting my own business, and my execution is leaps and bounds. One person is doing the work and organizing a 1000-person forum. I used to hate speeches most, and I liked word expressions. Now I have to force myself to introduce 50 speeches a year. Each lecture is 51,000 hours. Extremely efficient. If you have constant production, you will have perseverance. If you are interested, you can persist in it. If you have the interest, you will change yourself. When I used to work, my planning ability was strong and my execution was weak. The reason was because I was a nature of Sagittarius who liked freedom. I didn’t like to do things too much (both bosses and inter-departments). Too many constraints led to enthusiasm for doing things. not tall. Now I am starting my own business, 100% doing things according to my own thoughts, no restraint, no restrictions, I am interested, but also make money, my execution is beginning to burst, it is extremely efficient.

Five, the ultimate in keeping cash flow, who likes me to do business for 6 years, no customer owes me a penny, no penny bad debt, 100% is 100% first to collect money After doing business for another six years, I have been adhering to this principle, and no one is. Because I insist on the principle of cash flow, I will never make a business that can earn 1 million yuan but have to make money first. I would rather do a business that earns 100,000 but collects money first. My successful experience in small-scale entrepreneurial cash flow: 1. First 100% of the money, then service, must have a bad debt of 0, the cash flow is excellent; 2, the lowest cost and the most conservative attitude to start a business: I stipulate that I earned 1000 on my account. Wan Chunli is considering adding an employee; it is conservative to the extreme. 3, the seat is better than the applause; to earn cash flow, do not have a false reputation; 4, after trial and error, then slowly roll. This avoids cash consumption. General startup cash flow management experience:

1. Cash turnover, 1 million cash turnover 3 times, you have 3 million startup cash;

2, let cash always follow people Behind the butt (the cash can’t walk in front of the person; the boss can’t start the business and put the money there to let the project team use it);

3, the essence of cash flow is to collect and pay The time difference can be received first, and can be delayed by delay:

4. If a project can receive money but lose money, a project is highly profitable, but one year after the project is completed The re-payment may not even be the risk of returning money, preferring to choose the former project for cash flow. 5. Cash flow is more important than profit sales. E-commerce that makes money is easy to dump, but companies with a loss of cash flow are not easy to pour.

Six, the ultimate control in their own hands. Principle: Entrepreneurship wants to make money for a long time, even if the company is small It is also necessary to control the core resources in their own hands in order to earn a long time. And I control this to the extreme, such as keeping fans’ resources in their hands, never letting open minds, sharing the economy and the like. I have seen a lot of startup companies, and put their own entrepreneurial destiny on the hands of Ali Baidu Tencent platform. For a few years, then they will be wiped out. The company has to earn a long time to use each platform, but it cannot be bound. Be sure to catch fans and people into your hands. My company has been in business for six years, getting better and better, and earning another four years is no problem. The company has to make money and earn a long time. My experience is that we must not have a big pattern, be extremely narrow, be extremely conservative, be extremely incompetent, have a small fortune, be extremely profitable, and have excellent cash flow. Seven, the ultimate self-employed operating principle I often give business to lose friends around, I have given him bold advice to do self-employed entrepreneurship:

1, shut down the company, dismiss all employees, one person re-starting business. 2, only do a single product or service, gross profit to achieve 50%;

3, one person only microblogging WeChat selling goods, coffee shop office;

4, entrepreneurial costs It’s just that the boss is alone, and the first day of business starts to make a profit. It is difficult to fail according to the above entrepreneurship. The new era of entrepreneurial mode means that the individualized operation is greater than the corporatization operation, and the individual thinking operation is far better than the big company system thinking. New generation startups don’t want to pursue large-scale teams. I know that many micro-business companies have a scale of 1 billion, and the company’s own management team has only 10 people, and it is managed by excel form. The style of our company’s individual operation also shows that the company has been working at 10 o’clock for six years, and went to work at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, that is, only 5 hours a day during the day, and it is handled at night, and it can be kept online, which is extremely flexible.

Eight, the ultimate trend of chasing, the ultimate pursuit of hotspots: as an individual entrepreneur, you must catch the hurricane, chase hot spots, be vulgar. Maverick, not drifting, is a genius of Jobs and so on, and has nothing to do with you. At present, the red live broadcast micro-business is a hot spot, you have to rush on it, don’t say, I don’t follow the trend, I am elegant. Anyway, I have seized every enthusiasm in my business: I seized the Weibo fengkou and became the first place in the e-commerce microblog; I seized the WeChat fengkou, 13 private numbers; I seized the net red vent, myself Become a professional network red; I seized the short video outlet (one short video viewers 1 million), but also seized the live air outlet (as long as the live broadcast has 100,000 people to watch). Of course, the highest achievement has captured the micro-business affiliation and became the godfather of the micro-business sector and the first person of China’s micro-business.

I once wrote on Weibo: I have lived a business for 6 years: 1. Interest: I have my own small company, do things that I am interested in, enjoy relative freedom, not many people. ,Not tired. 2, the basic financial freedom: the net income of the next year is about 10 million, stable and continuous. Interest in more money is not big. 3, good health, the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. 4, pay attention to the freedom of life and soul, not to be kidnapped; 5, acquaintance with the world, confidant does not need one person; we personal entrepreneurs to start a business, do not learn Ma Yun Ma Huateng Li Ka-shing Wang Jianlin, those are out of reach, you only need to If I learn a trick and a half, it is possible to start a business successfully and earn millions in a year. This is the pragmatic attitude that you should have in your business.

My entrepreneurial thinking and entrepreneurial style