Yuan Longping, why is the middle of Rongcheng this small business

In recent years, Rongcheng City has been committed to building an innovative city, calling on the city to lead by innovation and promote economic development. In April last year, Yuan Longping, the father of Chinese hybrid rice and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, signed a contract with Rongcheng Hongde Marine Biotechnology Co., Ltd. to establish the academician Yuan Longping. How does this Rongcheng small business with only 54 people impressed Yuan Longping, the father of hybrid rice? What are the stories behind this? Recently, Weihai Daily reporter published an article “”San Gu” Yuan Longping”, to answer these questions for us.

 Yuan Longping, why is the middle of Rongcheng this small business

June, Shidao Management District Rongcheng Hongde Ocean Not far from the old plant of Biotech Co., Ltd., a new factory has just been completed. Two months later, 5,000 tons of fish protein products will be produced from here every year.

Asked by Yuan Longping, the father of hybrid rice, why is it “the middle of the world” Rongcheng, a small business that is not known? Zhou Wei, the person in charge of the company, answered after the 6-year-old “San Gu” Yuan Longping: “Impressed Yuan Lao’s, it can only be a good product!”

Yuan Longping, why is it that Rongcheng is a small business

Yuan Longping, why is it in this small business

One look: unexpectedly hit the wall

In 2007, Zhou Wei, who is engaged in fishmeal trade, decided to start a business in Shidao to develop high value-added marine fish protein and extract it from fish. Whole nutrient protein.

When it is about to be put into production, a pot of “cold water” has been poured from the ground up – there are no national standards and industry standards for fish protein products in China, and even if the products are produced, they cannot be put on the market.

“I can’t sell in China, then I will sell it abroad.” Zhou Wei sent his products to the United States for trial and certification. After three years of long certification, he became the first in China. The company is certified by the US Department of Agriculture as an organic fertilizer product. Each year, about 800 tons of fish protein fertilizer is exported to the United States.

 Yuan Longping, why is the middle of Rongcheng this small business

“So good organic fertilizer can not only be used abroad Zhou Wei still does not give up, he knows that fish protein fertilizer has the effect of increasing production and quality, and can achieve 7% to 10% increase in grain for grain. At that time, Zhou Wei thought of the National Hybrid Rice Engineering Technology Research Center located in the old parents’ sand, and Yuan Longping, the father of hybrid rice.

In 2012, Zhou Wei tried to contact Academician Yuan Longping and wanted to recommend his product to him. Not surprisingly, Zhou Wei not only did not see Academician Yuan Longping, and even the cooperation with the academician team did not talk about it, because his products did not have any fame at the time.

 Yuan Longping, why is the middle of Rongcheng this small business

Two: free trial see results

“Everyone who wants to find Academician Yuan Longping is growing up in the dragon. It is expected to hit the wall. You have to use the product to ‘knock the door!'” Zhou Wei, who is not discouraged, offered to provide free trials for the product, which was with Academician Yuan Longping. The team got on the “line.”

In 2014, good news came from the high-yield hybrid water test field in Zhangpu, Hunan Province. Among the three rice fields with a yield of more than 1,000 kilograms, the two used the precision fish protein fertilizer of Hongde Bio.

This does not prove that the key to increasing production is fertilizer. The academician Yuan Longping also tested the fertilizer. In 2015, the test field using precision fish protein fertilizer exceeded 1,000 kg.

Seeing the product being recognized, in 2016, Zhou Wei once again raised the idea of ​​wanting to see Academician Yuan Longping, and was once again rejected by the team. Zhou Wei, who is very straightforward, was very frustrated, so he turned his application direction to Heilongjiang cold rice.

 Yuan Longping, why is the middle of Rongcheng this small business

Yuan Longping, why is it that Rongcheng is a small business

Three-way: Join hands as partners

Last winter, hold a try Mentality, Zhou Wei made a third visit. This time, the academician Yuan Longping readily agreed, and Zhou Wei finally saw the long-lost academician Yuan Longping.

“Xiao Zhou, what’s the idea here?” Academician Yuan Longping asked kindly.

Zhou Wei explained the fertilizer effect of his own precision fish protein fertilizer, which indicated the idea of ​​working with the academician to carry out the rice quality improvement experiment.

“Small week is very capable, then messed up!” After detailed inquiry about the details, Academician Yuan Longping said with a smile.

In May 2017, Rongcheng Hongde Bio and Academician Yuan Longping formally signed an agreement on the academician workstation cooperation. According to Zhou Wei, this is the first academician of Yuan Longping in Shandong Province.

 Yuan Longping, why is the middle of Rongcheng this small business

Yuan Longping, why is it that Rongcheng is a small business

“The increase of super hybrid rice, good fields, good varieties and good methods are indispensable. Hongde biological marine biological fertilizer is a good way to add icing on the cake, if The capacity of the mu is 10% to 15%, so it’s not awkward!” At the signing ceremony, Yuan Longping’s academician said with great enthusiasm: “The things on the land are all over, there are good things in the sea, we have to ask the sea for resources.”

After the cooperation, Rongcheng Hongde Bio, under the leadership of Academician Yuan Longping, continued to carry out research and development and trials in three areas: rice yield increase, rice quality improvement and heavy metal content reduction.

In the golden autumn of October last year, the 150-mu demonstration field of super hybrid rice in Hebei Silicon Valley Academy of Agricultural Sciences created a new record of the world’s yield of hybrid rice – the highest yield of a single block of 1,181 kg per mu. The super hybrid rice cultivated with the precision fish protein organic fertilizer as the experimental fertilizer has an average yield of 1141.92 kg. According to the expert group’s production and production assessment, the contribution rate of Rongcheng Hongde Biological Fertilizer to the increase of production is 3.37%, that is, 38 kg per mu.

 Yuan Longping, why is the middle of Rongcheng this small business

Yuan Longping, why is it that Rongcheng is a small business

At the end of last year, Rongcheng Hongde Bio has obtained the production license for domestic fish protein fertilizer. The orders from domestic and foreign sources are continuous, and the product types are also Extend to areas such as health care.

Now, Zhou Wei, who has become an academician of Yuan Longping, is busier. He is rushing to the rice test fields across the country and continues to develop high-efficiency organic water-soluble fertilizers.

Yuan Longping, why Zhong Rongcheng is a small business