2017 software and information technology services comprehensive competitiveness of the top 100 released: ChinaSoft International ranked eighth

2017 Software and Information Technology Services Top 100 Competitiveness Releases : ChinaSoft International ranked eighth

On June 29th, China Electronic Information Industry Federation released “2017 (2nd) China Software and Information during the Beijing Soft Expo) Technology Services Comprehensive Competitive Top 100 Enterprises”. As a leading company in China’s software and information technology services, ChinaSoft International has won the top 100 companies, and Huawei, Tencent, Alibaba and other companies ranked among the top 10 software companies in 2017.

The total revenue of software products of the top 100 enterprises in 2016 was 1,012.7 billion yuan, an increase of 18.6% over the previous year. Among them, 14 companies with software business income exceeding 10 billion yuan, more than 5 billion yuan 24; the top 100 enterprises realized a total profit of 276.5 billion yuan, an increase of 19.8% over the previous year. The income and profits of the top 100 enterprises accounted for 21% and 46% respectively of the whole industry, and the benefit level was in the leading position in the industry, showing that the scale benefits continued to increase.

In the official press release of “2017 China Software and Information Technology Services Top 100 Competitive Competitive Enterprises”, it was mentioned: “In the ' mass entrepreneurship, innovation] With its own technology and resource advantages, ChinaSoft International and other companies use cloud computing, big data and other advanced means to integrate resources for production, education and research, and provide technology and service platforms for promoting “double innovation”; “ChinaSoft International, Ali Cloud and other powerful backbone software companies have accelerated their internationalization. On the one hand, they have actively explored developed markets such as the United States, Japan and Europe, and on the other hand, they have accelerated the expansion of emerging markets such as Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia, and exported advanced technologies to developing countries. Successful business model.”

2017 Software and Information Technology Services Top 100 comprehensive competitiveness: ChinaSoft International ranked eighth

The top 100 enterprises are the backbone of the development of software and information technology services, in the process of industrial innovation development, transformation and upgrading. Play an important role. In the future, ChinaSoft International will use this honor as an incentive to further strengthen its sense of responsibility and urgency, actively grasp policies and market opportunities, fully implement new development concepts, and leverage its liberation platform and global market services to outsource service capabilities, delivery quality, and global The layout and other aspects continue to improve, further helping the industry to become bigger and stronger!

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