Small business layout expansion team management

The knowledge of the information age is gradually fragmented. During the management course and in the consulting training process, many small company managers have found many misunderstandings about management issues.

There is no doubt that the management of small companies is more important than the large companies with resources and brands. It is a pity that the management theory on the market is almost all aimed at large organizations, opening the Harvard Business Review, not Ramcharan telling you to “explode the human resources department”; that is, Gardner Morse tells you Design “Zero Prejudice” organization. For small companies, blow up the human resources department? Where is the human resources department; zero bias? Prejudice against the boss or bias against the employee.

Three characteristics of small company team management needs:

1, grab main contradiction. It must be simple enough, simple means grasping the main contradiction and solving the core problem;

2, grounding gas. Many managers and employees of small companies have not received special management training, not only managers can understand, but also employees can accept;

3, Falling. After understanding and accepting, follow the instructions step by step.

Small Business Layout Expansion Team Management

Do a good job in small company team management, just need to figure out these five things:

1, how Make money (operating)

2, what to do in order to make money (management)

3, Who do you need to do these things (human resources)

4, What do these people do tomorrow (plan)

5, what did these people did yesterday (summary)

I. Think about how to make money (operating)

If you are the boss, then who is your customer, what is your product or service, and what level of product and service your customers are willing to pay;

If you are Manager, then who is your boss, what the boss is setting, and how the goal will affect your income.

What needs to be noted is:

Either the customer’s needs or the boss’s goal are based on the existing situation and cognitive model, the situation is changing, the cognition is upgrading, so the demand And goals are also dynamic. Don’t worry about the business model, don’t worry about it, no one can find a blue ocean out of thin air, and no one can set a perfect goal.

Managers set goals, but don’t be bound by goals. Small companies have limited resources, but they have to run small and fast.

Second, what to do to make money (management)

After knowing how to make money, you must break down the goal of making money into actionand decision.

The so-called action is what you want to do, such as finding a place to work, registering a company, purchasing equipment, and so on.

The so-called decision-making is based on the logical relationship between these things and the status quo of resources, decide what to do first, what to do later; how much time to spend doing this, how much energy to do.

If you really can’t think of what to do, the easiest way is to impersonate. If you want to open a shop, you can go to the store to work. If you want to open a factory, you can go to the factory to study. If you don’t know, it doesn’t matter. Just do it. Not many SME owners are management professionals. It is true that management experts are not necessarily more open than restaurants.

Small Business Layout Expansion Team Management

Need to be aware of:

Small company resources are very limited, subtraction is more important than addition, as long as the goal can be achieved The less things, the better.

In a small company, any idea that starts from the foundation and builds a set of scientific and efficient management structures is an expression of management.

Management is the means, Operation is the purpose, management for management, it is the sword for the sword. No matter how good the management can not solve the business problems, and even the management is too good, it will affect the business results.

The typical symptom of this kind of management for a company is to re-plan and lightly summarize. The employees are very hard and very obedient. Everyone’s KPI is done very well, that is, the department has no performance, and the company does not make money.

Management services, if the goals are to be adjusted frequently, then management must follow.

Third, who do these things (human resources)

Lei Jun said, “If you can’t recruit talent, it’s just because you don’t have enough energy. I spend more than half of my time every day to recruit talents. Each of the top 100 employees meets and communicates with each other.”

Unfortunately, we are not Lei Jun, for small business managers. People are important and not important.

It is important to say that good people do increase the efficiency of the company.

It’s not important because most of the talents in the free market don’t go to small companies with little resources; that’s when they’re really willing, the managers of small companies can’t tell Is it a talent?

So match is more important than good, and competent is more realistic than excellence.

For small company managers, you don’t need a big five personality, you only need a small five question:

What do these activities do (competent )?

Is not willing to learn (potential)?

When can I come to work (on the post)?

Will you work overtime (Buffalon)?

How much does it cost (cost)?

Put up the stall and run it is the most important thing.

Small Business Layout Expansion Team Management

Needs attention:

Post: Posts do not have heavy responsibilities, do sales and sales related matters Do, do not have a responsibility. A small company has a few people, and the responsibilities can’t be written completely. Even if it is written clearly, who is doing the unplanned thing? How many small companies are planned?

Preparation: There are fewer people, and they will gradually increase according to the business situation. Plus it’s simple, it’s complicated to reduce it.

Communication: Don’t talk about people when you speak. Reporting by level is a risk control. For small companies, inefficiency is the biggest risk. The other is to repeat communication, repeated communication, repeated communication, important things to say three times, the majority of problems in the small company team is due to communication, but also through communication.

Remuneration: Don’t be polite when bargaining, don’t be stingy when giving money. Bargaining is a business that makes a profit; giving money is a benevolence. Don’t draw watermelon before you join the job, give sesame for a hard year.

Four, what do these people do tomorrow (plan)

People and things together are plans.

Many small companies have designed a lot of strategies and made many plans, but in the end they have not implemented them. Summing up and finding that anyway, planning can not land, it is better not to plan, leave more time to work.

In fact, the plan can’t be settled because the plan is not detailed enough to distinguish between strategic plan and execution case.

The big companies will have weekly meetings, there will be monthly meetings, and there will be weekly work plans, monthly work plans, and even annual work plans. But my team’s new team’s suggestion is to have a meeting at least once a day, and do the next day’s work plan every day.

To measure the level of team management, it is enough to find a team member and ask the following questions.

1, what to do tomorrow?

2, what do I need to prepare?

3, what will happen?

4. What are the risks?

5, can there be a response plan?

The minimum standard is 1, gradually increase to 3, to 5 to see the machine understanding and whether the company can live to that day.

Small Business Layout Expansion Team Management

Needs attention:

The most important responsibility of the manager is to find things to do. The subordinate has nothing to do but the manager’s dereliction of duty.

When you have no plans, you are planning to fail.

The plan does not have to be meticulously executed. Small companies have neither external think tanks nor internal data precipitation. When planning, they know that this is written in the head, and when they encounter problems, they are adjusted. The important thing is to promoting execution instead of It is imperative to say it.

The strategic plan is the result of the plan, and the execution plan is the plan action. Small business actions are more important, and big business results are more important.

Five, what did these people did yesterday (summary)

It’s easy to make plans, and it’s hard to sum up the recovery.

The most important thing about small company team management is to talk less, not even talk about responsibility, just talk about progress. Since it is a daily implementation of the fine case, then what results have been achieved after the implementation, what problems need to be resolved, and what progress needs to work overtime.

Daily team work, main topics:

Confirm current progress;

Adjust tomorrow’s work schedule according to schedule;

Precipitation can Ideas or experiences that increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Small Business Layout Expansion Team Management

Needs attention:

Bold assumptions, be careful. The direction is right, the people can’t do it, all the assumptions must be verified, not looking at the logic, seeing the actual feedback.

First break and break. Existing methods are the best way to have a more efficient, lower cost approach.

Small company team management, pay less attention to people and pay attention to things, and cultivate people around things.

After five things is a word: pragmatic.

The gentleman has a book, and he is a native. Business is pragmatic and it is really making money.

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