B2C e-commerce overview, understand the main business model of B2C e-commerce

B2C e-commerce, B2C is the abbreviation of business to custom, which refers to the use of the Internet for all trade activities, that is, the information flow, capital flow, business flow and part of the logistics are completely connected online. B2C e-commerce is a form in which consumers directly participate in economic activities using the Internet. With the online trading platform, you can greatly save the time and space of both customers and enterprises, and improve transaction efficiency.

B2C e-commerce overview, learn about B2C e-commerce Business model

B2C e-commerce main business model

1, intangible products and services e-commerce model

This model E-commerce includes online subscription mode, paid browsing mode, advertising support mode, online gift mode and so on.

2. E-commerce model of physical goods

Physical goods refer to tangible goods, which are products that can be touched by hand. The trading of such commodities is still not very popular in the trading of physical goods on the Internet, but it has made great progress. The online turnover has increased.

3, comprehensive mode

In fact, most enterprises do not only use an e-commerce model, but often adopt a comprehensive model, which combines various modes to implement e-commerce. . For example, if a website has a high reputation, it will naturally attract many advertisers, and put advertisements on its website to collect advertising rents. At the same time, the website itself also sells goods, which is a comprehensive model.

B2C e-commerce overview, learn about B2C e-commerce Business model

Solving B2C e-commerce problems

(1) Improving e-commerce security

This is for consumption The lack of confidence in e-commerce was raised. E-commerce is in a virtual environment. The two sides of the transaction do not meet each other and conduct transactions through the Internet. It is precisely because of this virtuality of e-commerce that it creates conditions for the dishonest behavior of e-commerce transactions.

(2) Actively develop third-party logistics, companies carefully choose the distribution model

For merchants, choose the right distribution mode, which can effectively reduce costs and improve customer service. Level.

(3) Businesses must be brave in innovation and create personalized services

Every business should brainstorm and build their own personalized services, so that consumers can truly feel the business to consumers Respect and care to hold the hearts of consumers.

B2C e-commerce overview, learn about B2C e-commerce Business model

E-commerce has many advantages over physical stores, but there are also shortcomings. The store’s product experience and shopping atmosphere are all not available for online shopping. At the same time, the convenience of online shopping is also beyond the reach of physical stores. Therefore, to learn from each other’s strengths, businesses should focus on how to make their stores linger on consumers. For example, add some new interactive modes, etc., instead of focusing on price wars.