Strengthening Information Technology and Resource Construction to Serve the Development of Education Information in Our Province

Strengthening information technology and resource construction

Serving the province’s educational information development

Fujian Province Education Center

In 2017, our library thoroughly implemented the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for Education Informationization”, focusing on the center, serving the overall situation, and embodying the role, focusing on the direction of information application research, quality education resources and services. Focusing on the effectiveness of the development of information technology activities for teachers and students, efforts to explore the agglomeration effects of research, resources and activities, give full play to their functional advantages, and better complete the year-round work. Enhance the development of information technology and resource construction services in our province

Deputy Director of the Provincial Energy Education Center, Slips of the Cultural Revolution,

Applied Research

——Information technology application research is progressing steadily. Collecting the core problems that plague teaching and management in the reform and development of education, and guiding the research units at all levels to carry out research on information technology application. Focus on guiding the deep integration of information technology and education, smart campus construction, smart classroom research and interdisciplinary learning research. Close contact with the district city, participate in and guide the opening of the topic of the district city, and guide the audio-visual institutions such as Fuzhou, Ningde, Quanzhou to carry out research on information technology.

To carry out a macroscopic study on the basic education informatization in the province, and to obtain first-hand information for promoting informationization. Collaborate with the team of the Education College of Fujian Normal University to complete the two special studies on the status quo of teaching and learning of basic education in the information environment and the status quo and construction of the province’s audio-visual system institutions and teams.

Strengthen Information Technology and Resource Building Services Development

Information Technology Application Research Steadily Advance

——Information Technology Application Evaluation Activity . This year, a total of 5 competitions were held, matching 5 national competitions, participating in 9667 schools, and participating in 169,947 teachers and students. In our province, 160 works were selected from the 1158 works of “Three Excellent Joint Assessments” to participate in the national competition. The winning rate was 73.3%, the first prize was 25, and the teaching materials of the national prize-winning works in the national prize-winning works accounted for 42%. Ranked among the best in all provinces and cities, our province won the Best Organization Award for the thirteenth consecutive year, and the group score was the fourth in the country. Coordinate with the technical support and service work of the “One Teacher, One Excellent Course, One Class One Teacher” activity, and determine the Provincial Excellent Course 1881, and the 753 Excellent Class to win the Ministry. Continued to carry out “computer production activities in primary and secondary schools”, and selected 312 winning works from 622 works, and selected 88 works to participate in the national competition, 56 won, including 11 first prizes and 21 second prizes. In the National Vocational College Informatization Teaching Contest, 5 first prizes, 5 second prizes and 24 third prizes were won. The total number of awards increased by 16 compared with 2016, and the group score ranked sixth in the country, making history the best. The provincial education department won the best organization award. In the collection of the online learning space of the vocational colleges in the “One Life, One Space, and the Life”, the provincial teacher group won two third prizes and 14 excellent prizes, and the secondary vocational student group won one excellent prize.

Strengthen information technology and resource construction services

effectively support the “one teacher, one excellent class, one class one teacher” project in the form of online declaration and online review Open

Resource Construction

——Precision and development of featured resources. Professional online open courses of vocational colleges and the construction of professional teaching resources. In 2017, the province collected a total of 255 boutique online open courses and 31 professional teaching resource library construction programs. It is determined that the second batch of projects will build 48 online online open courses and 5 professional teaching resources. Three professional teaching resources will be selected into the “2017 National Alternative Resource Bank” of the Ministry of Education.

——Endogenous resources continue to transform. Combined with the five major information technology application appraisal activities, a total of 2,129 high-quality educational resources were collected, all of which were introduced into the resource public service platform, including 160 of the three excellent joint evaluations, 753 “one teacher and one excellent course”, and “vocational college information”. 88 teaching competitions. Carry out the teaching and research activities of the excellent class online meeting room, and launch the three-phase special course teaching and research live interaction on the national platform.

Promotion Services

——The service center is more comprehensive. Assisting the Science and Technology Department to do the selection of the special training personnel of the “Educational Learning Network for Everyone”; assist the Ministry of Education and Education to complete the construction and maintenance of the “Taiwan Primary and Secondary School Textbooks and Supplementary Network Management System Platform”; The operation and maintenance, data management and analysis of the student status system of the vocational colleges in the field; the relevant informationization work of the Department of Health and Art and the Teacher’s Office.

——Service grassroots, school informationization advancement is more intimate. There has been extensive contact with the grassroots through applied research, results promotion, and resource services. There are currently 79 educational informatization pilot schools and 63 experimental schools. The implementation of the special-person personnel point-of-sale service mechanism, through the special lectures, lectures, research, assistance, guidance and other forms to provide peer-to-peer services to more than 200 sessions. Compilation and publication of the excellent case collection of information technology teaching application in secondary and secondary schools in Fujian Province, “Report from the front line of education informatization”, summarizing 22 outstanding cases of information application in primary and secondary schools, secondary vocational schools, and 4 regional promotion excellent cases, further Play a demonstration of the pilot work of the pilot work.

Enhance information technology and resource construction services Development

2018Year of Work

——Implementing the spirit of the 19th National Congress and promoting The party building work level of the branch and the implementation of the responsibility system for party style and clean government construction.

——Promoting the development of basic education informatization 2.0 and laying a solid foundation for deepening application. Research and promote smart campus, digital campus construction and application, smart classroom with deep integration of virtual reality and artificial intelligence technology, smart classroom teaching mode that uses tablet device and big data technology to collect and feedback students’ learning status in real time, based on micro-class The “Flip Classroom” mode, using smart classrooms such as the Internet of Things, VR/AR, and intelligent robots, and the classroom teaching model.

——Introduction to the first-line research and promotion of new teaching models, better to play a role as a bridge and link between technology and teaching, between enterprises and schools.

——Continue to run 5 major brand activities, integrate online and offline business processes, and promote the internalization of teachers and students’ information application capabilities into information literacy.

——Research on the application of information technology applications. Continue to carry out macro-topic research to provide professional support for administrative decision-making. Focus on guiding the application of information technology to promote balanced development, information technology to promote the quality of teaching, information technology support teaching model changes, information technology to enhance school governance capabilities.

——Explore the agglomeration effects of research, activities, and resources, and continue to promote the construction of featured resources. Continue to promote the construction of quality online open courses and professional teaching resources.

——Accelerate the application and promotion of “Information Technology Application Enhancement Project for Primary and Secondary School Teachers”. Organize the second batch of the province’s primary and secondary school teachers’ information technology application capacity improvement project excellent application results selection activities, and promote the formation of the information technology atmosphere for teachers. Through the network platform, conduct online communication seminars based on excellent cases to promote the transformation of excellent application results.

——Continue to do a good job in the pilot of education informationization. Adhere to the pilot first, with the point and face as the basic way to promote work. Achieve local changes, with radiation to drive other regions and schools to improve. Give play to the role of demonstration to make the bonsai into a landscape. Actively promote the Ministry of Education’s upcoming “100 District Schools and Ten Thousand Classes Informationization Demonstration Project” to stimulate the innovation of education and teaching in grassroots schools and teachers and students.

——Recommended excellent cases to participate in the third “National Primary and Secondary School Teaching Information Application Exhibition” held in Beijing in May.

——The central work of the Service Education Department. Provide professional services for the relevant business offices of the office. Education informationization promotion work at the grassroots level.