Wang Xinao: “The role performance technique” to change the original belief

When I was in high school, I found a very interesting thing, that is, each class basically didn’t learn very well, and loved to play, and the class of slag, there will be a class. An official and part-time job, and from the beginning do not learn, do not observe discipline, until the end of the semester, often a lot of school slag will undergo a big change.

 Wang Xinao:

For example, some become more loved to learn, and some become more disciplined than others. Have a sense of collective honor.

When I studied psychology, I discovered that this is actually a theory called “cognition of disharmony,” that is, when the thinking and action are not harmonious, the thinking has The trend toward moving closer.

The cadres who are in the official positions should manage the students’ quietness, persuade them to observe discipline, study hard, and persuade them. In the subconscious, they will make their brains misjudge and let themselves not love. Learning, not disciplined, and changing to action.

 Wang Xinao:

Psychology uses the concept of “role performance” to interpret this behavior, that is, to perform a character, Will be influenced by the thinking accompanying the “role”, thus changing their original ideas and ideas. (The extension of this strategy is quite powerful. Many methods of brainwashing ideas are extended from the depths and cannot be abused.)

So, we first understand the basic concepts of “role performance”. Our purpose is how to use this strategy to serve ourselves?

 Wang Xinao:

A few days ago, a newly-founded CEO found me. He told me some problems of his company. Most of the companies have just started, some employees are not motivated, not motivated, it is more difficult to manage, and some old employees rely on their qualifications to rely on the old and sell old, not practical. But for him, this time, you can’t just fire an employee.

In fact, for this kind of problem, it is better to use “role performance”.

For example, for some companies who lack loyalty or honor, they may be asked to take on some of the new recruiting and training activities for them, to be responsible for the transfer of company values, to introduce the company’s vision, and so on. After a while, you will find that these people’s attitude towards the company has changed.

 Wang Xinao:

Including the difficulties we usually talk about, don’t be afraid, laugh more, why laugh, actually Perform this action first, then lead the mind to the realm of happiness.

About the “role performance”, there are still many places that can be used. After that, let’s share it.