How to use big data in urban investment?

In recent years, big data and new business formats have emerged in an endless stream. A new round of revolution in information technology revolution and business model innovation has begun, and the development of China’s big data industry is about to usher in a golden period.

According to the “Big Data Industry Development Plan (2016-2020)” issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the future big data industry will be realized. By 2020, the big data industry system with advanced technology, prosperous application and strong support will basically take shape. The revenue of big data related products and services exceeded 1 trillion, and the average annual compound growth rate remained at around 30%. Accelerate the construction of a strong data country and provide strong industrial support for the realization of a strong manufacturing country and a network power.

In the drive of China’s 2025, Industrial Internet, Industry 4.0 and other national strategies, industrial big data is also showing a booming trend. The plan points out that the application of key technologies such as big data acquisition, storage, analysis, mining and application in the industrial field is accelerated.

In the new era, the government will face unprecedented challenges in attracting investment. As a government investment promotion department, if we want to continue to improve the efficiency of regional investment promotion and promote regional economic development, we need to promote investment promotion to a new one. The strategic height is to fully utilize the idea of ​​Internet systemization to guide the investment promotion work. In this case, it is necessary to fully apply the big data resources, so that the entire investment process forms a complete, unified, efficient and reasonable systematic process.

First, the background of government investment promotion

This year marks the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. Since the reform and opening up, various local governments in China have set up high-tech development zones in order to accelerate the economic development of the region. Industrial parks and industrial parks, as a window for the local economy to open to the outside world, through comprehensive measures such as tax incentives, infrastructure support and public services, have greatly stimulated economic development.

The initial investment attraction was led by the introduction of foreign investment. Beginning in the early 1990s, investment promotion was gradually led by domestic capital. After more than ten years of development, the eastern coastal areas have established a basic and perfect export-oriented industrial system, forming the three economic development zones of the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta and the Bohai Rim. Capital accumulation has been initially completed, and labor-intensive industries are gradually becoming technology-intensive. Type and capital-intensive industry transformation, local governments at all levels have attracted more funds and higher-end industries to enter the local area with more flexible and diversified investment methods. In recent years, along with the vigorous promotion of the “Belt and Road” construction, The opening up of the country’s opening up to the outside world has continued to increase, and there have been important changes in the form and content of investment promotion at all levels of government. At the same time, it has also ushered in a new round of opportunities, which is in the new era for inland cities. A once-in-a-lifetime development opportunity has come.

The investment methods generally used in the past government investment promotion work mainly include: 1. government group investment; 2. group investment; 3. hiring investment; 4. exhibition investment; 5. cultural investment; 6. Tourism investment; 7. Merchants to invite business; 8. Entrusted investment; 9. Consultant investment; 10. Full investment.

Second, problems faced by the government’s investment promotion

There are many ways and means for the government to attract investment, but they will also face some problems. For example, the lack of project channels leads to insufficient project quantity reserves, uneven project quality, unfunded investment resources, uncontrollable investment costs, vicious competition for regional investment promotion, and uneven distribution of investment incentives. These problems have greatly weakened investment. The power of team operations has seriously affected regional economic development.

Third, the government’s strategy of attracting investment and investment

is to fundamentally solve some problems in the current investment promotion work, meet the upcoming challenges, and achieve the healthy and sustainable investment of the government. Sexual development, we should review the situation, the work before the resumption of the work, re-positioning the strategic height of investment promotion work. The so-called strategy of attracting investment and attracting investment refers to the guiding ideology, competition and cooperation norms and practical operation modes in the work of attracting foreign investment from various regions. It is a strategic and ideological model. Among them, the guiding ideology refers to the local government’s process of attracting investment, it is necessary to comprehensively regional characteristics to quickly and accurately formulate the core leading industries, and take the leading industry as the core, supplemented by other industries for investment, and can not be bearded.

At the same time, in order to ensure the sustainability and stability of the regional investment promotion work, it is necessary to formulate a regional management charter and constrain the adjustment and revision of the industry’s approval procedures. A clear direction of industrial development and improvement of reasonable safeguard measures have provided a strong and firm guiding direction for investment promotion. The competition cooperation criterion refers to the fact that the investment promotion work of the governments of various regions is not only a competitive relationship with each other, but also a situation of mutual cooperation. Correctly handling the competition and cooperation can achieve a win-win situation. This is also the leading idea of ​​the combination of vertical investment. Through the competition and the realization of the interconnection of information resources, it can effectively promote the work of attracting investment. The direction has been set, the resources are reserved, and the rest is how to fight. The practical operation mode refers to the use of the Internet as a guiding principle to achieve three-dimensional and in-depth investment.

1. Plan and improve the rational core industry and realize the advanced nature of the security mechanism

As the local government department needs to fully consider the tipping point of the park’s economic development and establish the awareness of the core industry. A park can have multiple industries, even industrial structures similar to those of other parks, but it must have its own unique core industry leading, and formulate reasonable industrial plans around the core industries, which cannot be simply and rudely imitated, or even beards. Only with the core industry suitable for the development of its own region, coupled with the support of the auxiliary industry, can form a unique core competitive advantage. Moreover, this advantage can also be used to negotiate and negotiate with other regions to form an effective co-opetition relationship, and provide powerful guidance for the strategy of attracting investment and integration. At the same time, once the content of the industrial planning is formulated, it must be effectively implemented and relevant safeguard measures are needed. The most effective way at present is to tie it to the charter system. In order to ensure long-term and stable development of the region, it is necessary to develop a charter and include industrial planning. Taking the next 5-10 years as the time horizon, the charter takes the knowledge economy, economic globalization and the transformation of China’s economic system as the macro background, with the theme of institutional innovation, business innovation and management innovation, and takes the reform as the core, and proposes the property rights revolution and economy. The dual strategic tasks of shape upgrading determine some major strategic choices for future development, as well as the basic ideas for operational mechanism and management system reform. Even if the park has undergone several cycles, it must follow the charter development area to achieve stable and prosperous development of the regional economy.

2. Establish a project information sharing database to realize the interconnection of information resources

No matter which means or method is adopted by the government, the core idea is to obtain effective information resources, and From this, we will explore the value of resources suitable for the development of our own regional industries, so as to achieve the goal of developing regional economy. Usually, the way to obtain information in the process of investment is mainly through the contacts and abilities of the individual recruiters, and then cooperate with some open platforms, such as exhibitions. But from the perspective of sustainable development, it may not always be successful. Because there are many development zones across the country, there are relatively few high-quality resources, and often multiple development zones will compete for a dominant resource to create vicious competition.

On the other hand, it is necessary to work hard with the development zones to handle the relationship of competition and cooperation. This is also one of the manifestations of the concept of joint investment. In addition, in the process of local regional cooperation, it is necessary to select areas that have industrial differences with their own volume and economic level to carry out in-depth investment cooperation, to achieve this long-term and long-term, so as to avoid this change, so as to show some in comparison with mature areas. Advantages, this is the embodiment of the combination of vertical investment ideas.

To fully understand your role and status in the new era, especially for small-scale emerging development zones, you must guide the investment promotion work with the idea of ​​combining vertical and vertical, and select the areas that meet the standards for depth. Cooperation. Everyone establishes a unified information resource sharing database, which can be divided into an internal database and an external database. The internal database records the resource information of its own project in the area for future archiving and review; the external database mainly stores some channels, projects, etc. that can be exchanged. Resource value. At the same time, we must contribute our own value while agreeing to obtain value, and constantly improve in operation and operation, jointly create an information resource sharing pool, realize the interconnection and intercommunication of information resources within and between regions, and realize the sustainable development of regional investment attraction. Sexual development.

3. The system of team investment is systematic and realizes three-dimensional investment promotion.

As a local government, the core industry has been planned, the direction has been set, and a wealth of information resources has been reserved. It is how to use these to achieve investment. Traditional investment is basically based on live events, but also a beautiful website to promote. But in general, the above investment methods are relatively static and passive. In the era of mobile internet, people are more eager to recognize and identify products through a full range of experiences. The investment attraction work itself is the marketing process, so we can no longer simply adopt flat investment methods, but need to use the Internet technology to adopt a new three-dimensional investment promotion method. Three-dimensional investment is a way of thinking about the Internet’s thinking operation. Using mobile Internet technology to create a virtual space on the online virtual space for investment promotion, mainly to create an environment or concept that attracts investors’ eyes, open a gravitational door for target customers, and then Then cooperate with the deepening of the physical space under the line to realize the key closed loop of investment attraction. If the process of attracting investment is likened to war, it is necessary to combine the various arms of the air warfare, land warfare and naval warfare to achieve the greatest advantage. In the process of attracting investment, fully utilizing Internet technology and adopting the online investment-in-line investment model, online can be understood as relying on the Internet to expand regional influence, increase attractiveness and attention, and improve investors’ regional investment environment. Direct sensory cognition. This is a long-range bombing strike with the goal of maximizing the impact and warming up for the next interactive experience.

The offline can be understood as the information resources collected through the online, combined with database resources, comprehensively formulate investment promotion strategies, and discuss cooperation with investors or channel parties in a targeted manner to transfer value and improve the success rate of investment promotion. . The offline is roughly divided into two stages. The first stage is to hold a small-scale investment promotion conference or participate in an industry exhibition. Contact the investor or the channel to obtain first-hand information, formulate strategies, and negotiate with the target group. The second stage is to target leading enterprises and formulate precise investment promotion plans for leading enterprises. To sum up, the core of the three-dimensional investment promotion model is innovation. The operation mode is a systematic process of online influence, offline expansion, online collection, offline service, online feedback, and offline implementation.

Capitalization will always lead to the potential of endless value in the industrial and industrial highlands. 2018, in the face of more promising industrial park development prospects, we want to seize the opportunity in the tide of attracting investment. The test is the prospective vision and scientific analysis of the park recruiting businessmen, selecting the right industry, and more importantly, emancipating the mind and applying New technologies, new ideas, applying big data, embracing big data.

 How to use big data in urban investment?