Planning theory of different industries

different Industry planning theory

There is a lot of knowledge to be planned, so how to precipitate from the knowledge ocean Come out? Clearly understand the scope of the industry, understand the boundaries of the industry, then we will not deviate when we are engaged in professional programs. If people are in the cloud, in the face of consulting planning, borderless information will make our thoughts sloppy. In a world without information, effective information management methods are to define the category boundaries.

First, industry planning subdivision

Industry planning, from catering planning, real estate planning, and public relations planning, to illustrate the planning of different industries Similarities and differences.

1. Catering Planning

Dining planning, there is a deep cultural connotation, what kind of taste style is planned, how to decorate the store, through cloth What kind of atmosphere is the light, I can pass the cooking plan that I have done through a chef’s perspective, and I can guarantee that the shops you open will not be compensated. — Nanchang Catering Planning Xiong Siming

2. Real Estate Planning

If real estate planning is subdivided, it can be divided into market planning, product planning, marketing planning, and development. Planning, property management planning, advertising planning and many other types. Marketing planning is simply a process and means to realize the leap of products into commodities. In this process, the analysis, judgment, reasoning, prediction, conception, design, arrangement, deployment, implementation, etc. of marketing planners are Real estate marketing planning. –Real Estate Planning Yellow Chess

3.Public Relations Planning

Public Relations, Explain the Spread of Brands in the Public, Focus on the Spread of Brands in the Public Image. Through content creative planning, influence the brand’s image in the public, establish a good brand–user’s connection, use the media as the basis for content, and serve the brand image.

Second, the characteristics of planning: strategy and planning

The planning must have a systematic thinking, through research data, analysis process, demonstration feasibility, Plan goals to achieve business planning in different industries. As follows, through the comparison of strategy and planning, to discuss planning:

Strategy, derived from the ancient military war thinking, focus on winning in the battlefield: cultivating the personal qualities of the leader, concentrating the superior forces to attack the enemy key Point, so as to get the most results at the least cost, win by taking advantage. In commercial applications, the strategy focuses on survival in business, achieving strategic high ground, and continuing to maintain its dominant position in the market.

Planning, focusing on specific issues in business, through systemic thinking, research, analysis, to solve practical problems in business operations. Through comparison, it can be seen that the content of strategic concern is more macroscopic, while the planning focus is on concrete implementation.

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