Jin Hui attended the China Information Technology Service Industry Annual Conference and gave a keynote speech

On November 10th, the 7th China Information Technology Service Industry Annual Meeting was held in Xi’an. The annual meeting was hosted by the Xi’an Municipal People’s Government and the China Information Technology Service Industry Alliance. The theme of the conference was “Data Interconnection, Information Sharing, and Consumption Upgrading”. The leaders of the ministries and commissions, well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad, and representatives of outstanding enterprises were invited to lead the industry. The demand side of information technology services, interpret industrial development policies, and explore new modes, new directions and new ways of industrial development.

Jin Hui attends China's information technology service industry The annual meeting and keynote speech

China Information Technology Service Industry Annual Meeting

Beijing Ordered Technology Co., Ltd. People\CEO Jin Hui, with the theme of “How Artificial Intelligence Constructs a New Tax and Tax Ecology”, gave a keynote speech at the “New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Planning” sub-forum.

Jin Hui said that traditional accounting work is currently being technologically advanced and artificial intelligencesubversion. The first stage of artificial intelligence application in the fiscal and taxation industry is that accounting is completely automated. Through the standardized process, the accounting rules are defined and entered into the system. The system will process the accounts according to the established rules. In the process, errors caused by labor can be completely eliminated.

In the case of ticket delivery, most companies currently use courier delivery to bring in the hands of financial personnel. With the popularity of electronic invoicing, physical-level bills will no longer be needed. The employees of the company only need to scan the QR code with WeChat, the invoice is automatically downloaded, and the storage is realized in the cloud. In the process of collecting the invoice, it is difficult to solve the problem of difficult collection and storage of financial personnel and enterprises. At the same time, the application of electronic invoices can also eliminate false invoices or duplicate accounts.

Today, the first phase of financial artificial intelligence has been fully realized, but still at the level of “machine execution rules”, the real artificial intelligence application does not stop there.

Jin Hui attends the China Information Technology Service Industry Conference and Keynote speech

Jinhui is sharing product ideas

One of the main things we are doing now is How to continuously improve the business capabilities and insights that financial work can perform through continuous machine self-learning. Our product management has a financial and taxation intelligent robot is the product of the next stage of artificial intelligence. In the process of accumulating the number of service enterprises, the management party will carry out the data processing of the enterprise case and business, and design the machine learning model of fiscal and tax processing analysis. Continuously upgrade the “management of the brain”, upgrade the speed and accuracy of corporate financial cases based on the expert brain. It can be foreseen that after the automation of basic accounting is popularized, this intelligentization based on accounting ability will surely be the next stop for financial artificial intelligence applications.

Jin Hui attends the China Information Technology Service Industry Conference and Keynote speech

Golden Hui Conference

Technology advances are both exciting and curious . On the one hand, artificial intelligence puts accountants on simple and repetitive low-value labor, and realizes the liberation of time; on the other hand, artificial intelligence will eliminate most of the Accounting based accountants, which means that accountants will be forced to upgrade.

However, there is absolutely no need for senior accountants and tax accountants to worry, because artificial intelligence can only replace the basic work with high repetitiveness and low complexity, and the ability to communicate with others and face The complex business environment picks the most useful information for analysis and the ability to make decisions, at least in a short period of time, it is difficult for artificial intelligence to transcend humans.

The application of artificial intelligence in the financial field is a very exciting technological breakthrough. The development of this field must be very close to the academic and industrial circles. We need to discuss how to use a new mechanism to truly combine the two to help transform and upgrade the fiscal and taxation industry.

Jin Hui finally said that in today’s era, artificial intelligence has brought us a lot of imagination, and this emerging technology will surely become the backbone of the future development of Chinese enterprises. I am very honored to be here at the annual meeting. I also hope that with my colleagues, we will thoroughly implement the spirit of the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, actively carry out work, and continue to push the information technology service industry to a new level.

Jin Hui attends the China Information Technology Service Industry Conference and Keynote speech

Share the theme

Jin Hui’s speech triggered a warm response from the guests, the taxation industry The challenges and opportunities are huge. The combination of artificial intelligence and fiscal and taxation is a topic of profound significance. Everyone has discussed this and expanded their ideas to add brilliance to the conference.

After many years of accumulation, the China Information Technology Service Industry Annual Conference has become a platform for the “China’s software technology service industry’s iconic achievements”. The annual annual industry conference is not only a top celebration of the information technology service industry, but also a grand gathering between the supply and demand sides. The orderly technology represents the smart taxation saas tool to participate in this conference. The purpose is to exchange and interact with the elites in the industry, share the experience, explore the infinite possibilities of the intelligent taxation era, and jointly set off a great new chapter in the information technology service industry.