Judo technology

1. Action process

(1) A right frame, a left frame combination, a right hand grabs the left front collar of the right hand, grabs the right sleeve of the left hand with the left hand, moves the left foot to the back of the right foot, and inserts the right foot Between the two feet of B, while the right hand pushes to the left shoulder of B, and the left arm lifts to the right, so that B’s body weight falls on the heel of the heel, and loses balance to the left rear.

(2) Move the left foot close to the right heel, move the center of gravity to the left foot, and insert the heel between the legs of the opponent with the right leg and dial to the right. Push the right hand hard, the left hand assists in pushing and pulling, the right leg continues and the right side is swung, so that B falls to the left rear and falls down (Figure 3.6 ~ Figure 3.9).

The guilty technique of judo technology

2. Technical essentials

(1) When inserting into the right leg, use the lateral position to form a right angle with the other party, and the right leg should not be inserted too deeply.

(2) The right leg is swung to the right (curved), not to the rear, and the position of the B leg is not too high.

(3) You can also use the left hand to grab the right front collar of B, and the left hand can also use this action.

(4) A method of transforming the inner scorpion (holding the big guilt): the two sides combine in the right combat position, and the right step is between the two legs, the left heel step, with the right Hold your shoulder against B’s chest, and use your left hand to hold B’s right leg up. At the same time, use your right leg to stay behind B’s left leg and use a tick to fall.

3. Resolve and counterattack

When attacking A, B will move forward to the right leg while lifting the left leg to lift the attack on the left leg.

4. Tactical application

(1) When B is bent forward and the body is to be raised: 1 The two sides form a combination of right combat postures, the left foot retreats a big step, and the right foot moves to the left to form a sideways posture. drop down. B will resist getting up and return to normal posture. 2 At this time, the two arms are relaxed, and the strength of the body to be lifted by B is used to fall B.

(2) When B’s left foot moves forward: 1 The two sides form a right-handed combination of postures, the two feet move forward, and the two arms push B, force B to retreat and resist back to the top. 2 When B is moving forward with his left foot, he will fall B with a large internal movement.