Marketing key! Pain point marketing!

Pain point marketing is a very hot marketing method in the Internet industry. In particular, some traditional companies that rely on the Internet are more interested in it. The reason why the Chinese Internet has developed to the present level in just over a decade, Almost inseparable from this pain point, it is a bit of a mess, find pain points, and solve the pain point is that you find money and pay for the truth.

The so-called pain point marketing refers to the psychological gap or dissatisfaction caused by the unsatisfied expectations of consumers in the process of experiencing products or services. This dissatisfaction eventually forms a negative emotional outburst in the consumer mental model. Let the consumer feel the pain. This is the pain point marketing. His realization is a kind of “pain” reflected by the consumer’s expectation of product or service and the actual product or service comparison.

How is painful marketing achieved?

The core of pain marketing is based on comparison, so if you want to use pain points, you must create a fish and bear’s paw for the target consumer. The feeling of getting it, let consumers feel that there is a kind of “pain” without buying your products and services. Companies need to build itch and excitement that makes consumers satisfied and happy, and then create a pain point that makes him feel regret or dissatisfaction, so that it can better stimulate consumers to buy your products. It is also the purpose of achieving corporate marketing.

The above is the internal view of the enterprise. It is the company that finds its own products and services to find the difference from its own factors. What about the outside of the enterprise? The outside of the enterprise is through the products of competitors. Or service comparison, the pain point created for the target consumer, the main purpose is to let consumers feel that buying your product will be excited or happy, and will regret or dissatisfaction when purchasing a competitor’s product or service.

How do you find pain points?

There is a need for pain points to find first, a good understanding of your products and services, and a full complement to competitors’ products or services. To understanding. Second, there is a full interpretation of consumer psychology.

Understanding the knowledge of your product or service and your competitor’s product or service is used to differentiate your position and find pain points through market segments. Understanding consumers is very important, because the theme of shopping is these people, you only know their real needs, then meet them then your product or service is successful, otherwise it fails. The pain point is that the process of long-term observation and excavation cannot be reached at one stroke. These are the details of the problem, which are the details that consumers pay most attention to. The results can be imagined.

Marketing Keys! Pain Point Marketing!