Parent-child farm + restaurant supermarket to create a new model of agricultural retail

Parents Farm + restaurant supermarket to create a new model of agricultural retail

There is a special special in Beijing Zhongguancun Contemporary Mall Restaurant, in this restaurant, you can eat green and pollution-free vegetables, you can also experience convenient fresh food sales, you can also take your children to the farm school in the restaurant to play games and learn vegetable knowledge. What do you think of such a cross-border combination? What new models are there for agricultural retailing?

Theft of a small agricultural park into the mall, forming an ecosystem of farm experience, fresh sales, and pure natural restaurants, which not only meets the development needs of modern agriculture, but also solves the traditional agricultural business. The pain point.

 Parent-child farm + restaurant supermarket to create a new model of agricultural retailing

This restaurant called leafIN The concept is just as good as it is to provide the healthy and fresh vegetables that we eat when we were young for everyone’s table. In addition, we avoid the risk of soil and water pollution by purifying the concept of soilless and non-emission in the city. The city air is called the “urban farm”.

The restaurant that this restaurant chooses to face is a family eager to eat safe, healthy vegetables. From the current point of view, this market is big enough. In order to attract this group of customers into the store, the restaurant proposed the concept of a full-time urban farm, which is to stay here all day long on weekends. On Saturdays and Sundays, the children will organize games and know vegetables.

In fact, many new farmers at home and abroad have made many new attempts in the agricultural retail model in the past two years.

Let’s take a few more specific cases.

In Cape Town, South Africa, there is a concept restaurant that combines a fish and vegetable symbiosis system with a creative market. Fish and vegetable symbiosis is a compound farming system that combines aquaculture with hydroponic cultivation to achieve synergistic symbiosis through ecological design.

The farm was also moved to the roof. In New York, USA, a farm is built on the roof of two buildings in Brooklyn, New York, with a total of 10,000 square meters, more than 40 kinds of crops, and chickens and bees. These agricultural products not only support a rooftop restaurant, but also provide a fresh home delivery service for the surrounding citizens.

The new retail is targeted at middle- and high-income people in many cases. This group has higher requirements for fresh ingredients and food, and values ​​quality more on the basis of health and safety. This will also drive the upgrading of agriculture from the sales side, and the market for quality agriculture and ecological agriculture will be even bigger. On the other hand, the efficiency of the new retail on the retail side also shortens the distance in time and space from the head to the table. In addition, the combination of new retail and new agriculture has changed the issue of agricultural recycling and material recycling.

If the industrial production and distribution system only gives us a simple temperature-saturated taste demand, then the diversity of ecological agriculture builds a bridge to explore the natural wonders. Imagine that one side presents us with product information such as formulas through AR technology, and the other is placed in a rich and diverse ecological farm. Which one will people choose?

 Parent-child farm + restaurant supermarket to create a new model of agricultural retailing