Don’t switch programmers for a lifetime without a way out? ——Squeeze your head and sign up for IT training. Are you thinking about it?

After graduating from last year, the author thought about going to a social training class for a period of time. At that time, there were two choices, one for high-paying employment and two for self-interest. Later, there was something to delay because of the family. It is also because of a series of broken things happening at home, I have become a lot more realistic, or choose a high-paying job.

In just one year, do you need to queue up for registration?

A few days ago I thought that I could almost go to study. I asked the teacher of Dark Horse, who thought of a year, and the black horse was already shining! The consulting teacher has changed from the previous diligent questioning to the love answer. It seems that the students are more fearless! Ok, your attitude is not the focus of my study, I don’t care about you. but! Registration has actually been lined up? Isn’t it a minimum of one shift per month? Is this frequency of the queue still queued? Ok, the row is arrogant, but! ! This team is a bit long, right? There are more than 80 people in the front row… I slowed down my mood. If so, I will line up first. I can’t go to the next class. Ah, I think more, the teacher told me that there is another class in the next class, because someone has already booked the next class, and can’t completely postpone it. OK, the shock you gave me today is not enough, I can stand it. Give me a letter of approval! This requirement is not too much! However, listening to the teacher’s arrogant tone, it seems that my request is a bit too much!

However, what I never expected was that the dormitory was full…. I thought about last year, I just looked around and wanted to live where I lived. Auntie took me to pick it up! But the question is coming. Is there a house next to the place in Shunyi Campus? Oh, it turned out to be the village next to it. I really can’t live in a residential area 2 kilometers away. Ok, I understand, I can’t rent a house. I listen to the teacher. There are quite a few houses nearby. Oh, I think more, the nearby houses are almost robbed by the dark horse students. .

What is going on, is a training institution so difficult to enter?

The teacher said that the reason is more people in the graduation season. Many students come here to study as soon as they graduate. Ok, now the child’s consciousness is quite high. Also added, the school is not responsible for accommodation issues. Ok,

I don’t think you want me to sign up (smiley face)

Do not switch programmers for a lifetime without a way out? - Squeeze the head to sign up for IT training, you, think

Learn more in advance, be cautious when switching

But it’s okay, just because I didn’t get there, I have the opportunity to study at home for a while, and to communicate with the fat friends I learned, I found myself too naive, and I’m not ready to learn programming, but It may be harder than I thought. A fat friend vomits blood to advise me liberal arts girls” don’t come to school, many engineering in the class can’t keep up, change the line need to be careful! !

 Don't switch programmers for a lifetime without a way out? - Squeeze your head and sign up for IT training. Are you thinking about it?

High-paying summons

As a two-bowl of patients with mild obsessive-compulsive disorder, I don’t think everyone is going to pay a high salary. It is not excluded that many students are born in the class, or have studied at home for a long time and want to improve themselves, but fat friends like me who have the tendency to “impulse consumption” are certainly not in the minority. In fact, it’s no surprise that we live in a marketing era full of lies, exaggerations, and all kinds of temptations, even if we doubt our authenticity, but at the moment we see exciting advertisements, we will still be Diverse marketing methods lead the nose. I saw all kinds of data of the black horse official website: the first-stage super high employment rate, the five-digit salary of the oversized font, seems to have been reported, and the expenses have been eliminated, and I can immediately become a darling of the times. Look at this website for 5 minutes, it is inevitable not to float!

 Don't switch programmers for a lifetime without a way out? - Squeeze your head and sign up for IT training. Are you thinking about it?

Military civil registration, postgraduate education is a low match

However, the dark horse is getting more and more popular is not a marketing success. From a macro perspective, we live in the era of technology and the age of the Internet. Everything must follow the times. When I was in college, it seemed that I was very good at going to college. When I graduated, I discovered that college graduation is as common as the previous high school graduation. Even doctoral students are not necessarily guaranteed to work after graduation! Take the military recruitment of a while ago, in fact, I also have a military dream, but when I open the job list, the “three-infinite” players with strong psychological endurance are still scared – graduate students are almost the lowest With the restrictions, professional restrictions, work experience, qualifications and other restrictions, I have almost no literary undergraduate students, more than 9,000 jobs, one or two can report, and each position is 1 to several hundred competition. I just want to advise a group of high school kids: Selecting a professional hin is important, it is a must! Required! of!

 Don't switch programmers for a lifetime without a way out? - Squeeze your head and sign up for IT training. Are you thinking about it?

The era of “flying” speed development, and you, still standing in place?

Of course, for this reason, there are so many people who are going to learn Internet technology, programming, and derivative jobs such as new media and products. how? Because now is the age of technology, technology leads the future, people enjoy the convenience brought by technology, but the technology itself is powerful enough to even control people. why? We are no strangers to big data killing. We can’t control how web pages know our needs, even privacy, based on big data, and use them to form new marketing tools. Do you dare to say that your consumption behavior has not been affected by the power of technology?

This era seems to be enjoying, but it is reluctantly controlled.

It’s just this kind of control, different from what people give, no one can resist. Because most people don’t understand things at the technical level. I don’t even know that I am being riddled. If you know it, you can only complain about it or see some tips on the Internet. But as soon as these skills come out, there will be new technologies that will not let your skills succeed. The technology can determine the size of the red packets you grab, and decide whether you can win the prize. The accident you think is actually inevitable. In my mind, this is a deception. But this era is full of such deception. It is a deception that you have no rights to defend. An honest person who does not deceive is likely to go bankrupt.

Rational look at “turning hot”

In fact, I feel that more people are going to learn technology, and whether they can find a high-paying job, they will embark on the peak of life. such as. Compared with the overall atmosphere of the entertainment industry (self-searching Bi Bi event), although the technology is mixed with many other things, this trend is at least positive.

More and more people are learning technology, which proves that everyone is aware of the power of technology and realizes that mastering the real technology can stand in this society. Many people who graduated from junior high school and high school went to school programming. Although they were ridiculed by some people, they were more self-sufficient. However, they were more self-satisfied than those who were old at home or just looking for a factory to go to work. Learn the real technology and have the courage to try. In fact, this is actually an improvement of the times~

It is not easy to change.

Successful, the early stage may also be exhausted, for fear that the technology is not qualified to be fire, barely keep up, and work constantly to learn new things, especially in the ever-changing Internet industry; Tens of thousands of dollars, a few months, mental torture, etc., are all to bear.

I have met several successful friends who have changed careers. I have heard many examples of not being able to get a good job after graduation, and I wish everybody who works hard has a good result~!

 Don't switch programmers for a lifetime without a way out? - Squeeze your head and sign up for IT training. Are you thinking about it?

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