The quality of Jinan’s family decoration depends on the skill of the master who works for you.

If there is no master of good craftsmanship as the foundation, everything else says “quality first” and “service first” are empty talks;

If there is no brother who is united as a brother Team, everything else talks about “process connection” and “quality control” are empty talks;

If there is no unified team of thoughts, a team of teachers and deputies, everything else says “customer first” and “quality assurance service” “It’s all empty talk.” In the general decoration company, the masters and masters of each type of work do not know each other at all – the masters don’t know each other, and the work will not be handed over. The front and back processes will not be handed over and there will be many hidden dangers. Even the foreman and the master are not familiar with each other. Occasionally, there are live calls to do it twice, for the purpose of working for money, pure interest. If you have the benefit, you will get the money and you will have a relationship.

There is no guarantee for the owners and friends. Some friends will say, is there a company? The company promised to repair me and give me a warranty. Yes, yes, the company promises to give you repairs and quality assurance, but the company will pass on the risk that should be borne, and pass it on to the foreman who is the company’s life manager.

 The quality of home decoration in Jinan depends on the skill of the master who works for you.

The newly renovated house When something went wrong, you called the company on one call and the company immediately gave a call to the foreman. The responsible foreman is okay, and when he meets an irresponsible foreman, then you are called every day, and the land is not working. Complaint? You can’t afford it too; exposure? Instead, you advertised for free.

We have no team manager in the renovation team, only a few masters. My name is Li Tengfei. I am the person in charge of the Jinan decoration team. We first ensure that the home improvement project we have done does not have any rework and maintenance. Because of rework or maintenance, you are troubled by our master. Secondly, if there is a problem that requires maintenance, you can find me directly, and we take full responsibility. Because we mainly through friends’ word-of-mouth introduction and Internet orders, we regard your satisfaction and evaluation of our team as life. So it doesn’t matter if you don’t know us now. We rely on the characteristics of word-of-mouth survival to determine that we are the most reliable decoration team.

 The quality of Jinan's family decoration depends on the skill of the master who works for you.

I often talk to the masters Say: As the leader of our team, I am just different from everyone. The masters directly serve the owners in the owner’s home. My task is to serve every master who we are sitting on. Feelings will be passed on. I will serve the masters who are sitting, and ensure that the income of the masters is stable and the payment is timely. The teachers are naturally happy, so that when you go to work at the owner’s home, you will feel good and communicate with the owners. Smooth, the work is done well, the owners are naturally happy, very recognized that our reputation will get better and better, and more and more friends will find us to work.

This is the transmission of feelings.

 The quality of Jinan's home decoration depends on the skill of the master who works for you.