“Heavy” burning! Hold a political law enforcement sword and build four walls of security!

2017 is a year of great harvest in the administrative law enforcement case of the Songjiang District Market Supervision Bureau. In the various fields of municipal industry and commerce, food and drug supervision, quality supervision and execution, all cases were evaluated as “excellent cases” and “10 Good case.”

On August 31, the “Shanghai Bobang Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. Infringement of Trade Secrets Case”, which was investigated by the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade, was awarded the “Top Ten Cases” by the Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce;

On November 20th, the case of “Shanghai Gongdelin Vegetarian Industry Co., Ltd. Production and Management of Foods with False Production Dates” and the “Shanghai Mangan Trading Co., Ltd. Unlicensed Production Cosmetics Case” investigated by Fangsong were investigated. Won the “Excellent Cases of Food and Drug Inspection and Enforcement in 2017” by the Food and Drug Administration of the People’s Republic of China;

On December 25, the “Signature of Forgery of Shanghai Yunfeng Automobile Testing Co., Ltd.” was investigated by the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade. The Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau was rated as one of 10 excellent files;

On December 29, the “4.7 Production and Sale of Toxic and Harmful Food Cases” jointly handled by the District Market Supervision Bureau and the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau Songjiang Branch was Shanghai. The Municipal Food and Drug Safety Committee was awarded the “Excellent Case of Shanghai Food and Drug Administrative Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Connection in 2017”.

The achievement of such an achievement, excellent administrative punishment cases with the District Market Supervision Bureau The review activities are inseparable. The development of excellent administrative punishment cases provides an opportunity for law enforcement personnel to learn from each other, demonstrates the leading role of outstanding cases, enhances the quality and efficiency of law enforcement cases, and promotes the interaction and interaction between law enforcement cases. The working atmosphere of “learning beyond catching up with the students” has cultivated the spirit of law enforcement cadres, and inspired the law enforcement cadres to dare to investigate major cases, dare to show their swords in difficult cases, and dare to succumb to the hard bones, and have achieved cohesiveness and strengths. The effect of common improvement.

On August 16, 2018, the District Market Supervision Bureau held the third review meeting of outstanding administrative punishment cases. The “Shanghai Desheng Fashion Co., Ltd. was suspected of pyramid schemes” investigated by the development zone, and “Dacheng Food (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., which was investigated by the comprehensive law enforcement team, produced food cases with food materials that exceeded the shelf life”. Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Installation Engineering Co., Ltd. has engaged in special equipment production activities without permission. A number of major cases and new cases have participated in the review.

The working group for the selection of excellent cases for administrative punishment is Wu Guorong, secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the District Market Supervision Bureau. Deputy Director Xu Lin, Zong Yi and the heads of the Fair Trade Section, the Policy and Regulations Section and other business departments, the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade, the head of each market supervision and management office and the fair trade line A. The meeting was organized by the Fair Trade Section. Chang Gao Guoliang presided over.

At the meeting, Wu Guorong pointed out that the performance of the law enforcement case of the District Market Supervision Bureau was upwards every year, and 2017 was a year of good harvest in the administrative law enforcement case of the District Market Supervision Bureau. In the fields of industry and commerce, food and drug supervision, quality supervision and execution, all cases have been evaluated as “excellent cases” and “ten best cases”, and all aspects are commendable. At the same time, he represents the party committee and the director of the bureau. The comrades on the law enforcement office line expressed their congratulations and gratitude.

Wu Guorong also put forward three thoughts on the future law enforcement case work: One is law enforcement The ability to handle cases is the stewardship of market supervisors; the second is the evaluation of outstanding administrative punishment cases, which reflects the concept of excellent style and excellent quality, and should be highly valued. Third, the market supervision bureau should train a large number of case handlers and investigate a large number of excellent Case, everyone needs to work together.

At the meeting, Xu Lin put forward three requirements for law enforcement and handling work in combination with the new situation: One is to establish a new concept Law enforcement should handle local economy; Second adapt to the new situation and continuously improve the ability of law enforcement officers to perform their duties; Three is to handle discipline and strictly manage the ranks of law enforcement officers .

The teams gave a detailed introduction to the case of 26 finalists, highlighting and difficulty the case. Reported and demonstrated the PPT of excellent cases.

After the presentation, the leaders and participants selected their respective excellent case recommendation forms. Recommended case.

Do not forget the original heart, always have it, this is the call of the times, but also the endowment of the times The political responsibility and historical mission of market supervisors. Only by strengthening market supervision according to law can we establish fair and just law enforcement authority. The District Market Supervision Bureau takes the opportunity of reviewing excellent administrative punishment cases as an opportunity to further comprehensively and accurately correct the guiding ideology of handling cases. Continuously improve the quality of case handling. Under the guidance of excellent cases, the law enforcement officers of the District Market Supervision Bureau held high political and law enforcement swords, built four walls of security, and effectively guaranteed food and drug safety, special equipment safety, product quality and safety, and consumer safety. The product quality of the district has been significantly improved, the business environment has been steadily improved, the administrative law enforcement team’s ability and level of handling cases have been improved overall, the quality and influence of administrative punishment cases have been fully enhanced, and the authority of this court has been improved!