Responsibilities on the wall – guard duties

Job Name: Guard

Subsidiary:General Office

Direct Supervisor:Logistics administrator

1. The guards must strictly observe the discipline of duty, stick to their posts, dress neatly, be civilized, serve enthusiastically, and perform their duties conscientiously.

2. All personnel entering and exiting the gate must consciously obey the management of the guards and work with the guards.

3. The guards should consciously protect the public property and do a good job of the local environmental sanitation after the indoor and front doors. The guard room is not allowed to store other items that are not related to the duty.

4. Receiving visitors, first ask questions, then contact the interviewed person or department, and then enter with approval.

5. Persons and vehicles that enter and exit the gate at night are strictly inspected and can be released without any abnormalities.

6. At night, the project department should be inspected and the abnormal situation should be reported to the project leader in a timely manner.

7. It is not allowed to play any activities related to duty duties such as playing poker, playing chess, drinking, etc. in the guard duty room.

8, Do not vacate the post or let others replace the post, ensure that the duty is normal, continuous operation, and earnestly do the work of the doorman.

9. Responsible for the placement of all the flags in the project department, ensuring that all the flags on the fence and the top of the building are neat and tidy, and that inspections are carried out from time to time, and that damaged or missing items should be replaced or replaced in time. .

10. Inspect the office building in the morning and evening, and promptly disclose all the waste of hydropower resources. Ensure that the building is connected to water and electricity. In the event of power outages or water cuts, the cause should be identified or reported to the competent authority. At 6 o’clock in the evening (in the dark), it is responsible for turning on the lights at the gates, corridors and bathrooms. At 11 o’clock in the evening, the lights in the office and living areas of the building must be closed. Only the gates, stairs, walkways and toilet lights are left. All light switches must be turned off.

11. Keep high-pressure car washing machines in the hospital and do not allow them to be used by foreign vehicles (except for superior units).

12. Keep all the potted plants in the building to prevent loss or damage.

13. Obey the management of the project department and the integrated office and other temporary work arrangements.