Real estate review series 2 – real estate regulation comes true

From 2017 to the present, in order to implement the central government’s goal of “staying and not speculating”, various central and local governments and financial institutions have adopted various control measures, down payment ratio, loan interest rate, and lottery selection. Various policies such as price limit, purchase restriction, and restricted sales are emerging one after another. However, from the reflection of house prices, the effects of various combination punches have not played a big role. House prices continue to rise too fast, and even some cities have real estate. Overheating imagination, it seems that real estate regulation has entered the strange circle of increasing control over the years. After so many years of experience

Real Estate Review Series 2 - Real estate regulation comes true

, the Chinese people are becoming more and more determined. The more they regulate, the more they must enter the fixed mode of real estate. Every regulation is an excellent opportunity to get on the bus.

In order to further curb the rising trend of housing prices, especially the rapid rise of second- and third-tier cities, the state has recently requested that all levels of government do not relax the regulation of real estate, and CDB will accept the approval authority for the reform of the shed. The monetized resettlement gradually changed into housing resettlement. Some housing prices in the first-tier cities and the original overheated cities began to loosen. However, with the mutual enthusiasm between the mothers and the fathers, the July National Committee and the Central Political Bureau meeting on July 31 proposed Monetary policy has changed from “maintaining the neutrality of monetary policy to neutrality” to “providing good money supply to the general gate and maintaining a reasonable liquidity”. It requires fiscal policy and monetary policy to be more active. The real estate market immediately responds that real estate will come back again. Most of China’s ordinary people, especially real estate speculators, once again believe that the country is an old routine, and house prices will rise again, but this time it may be wrong, the original experience will no longer apply.

 Real estate comment series 2 - Real estate regulation comes true

Most of the country’s signal is to release water again Every time the water is released, the house price will rise again. Yes, from the original experience, this routine is basically like this, but the current environment no longer allows the original script to repeat itself. The strategic goal of deleveraging will not change. It will be more precise and rhythmic. The real economy and the new economic situation will be the basis for realizing China’s economic take-off in the future. In order to prevent water from flowing into the real estate pool, the central government will adopt a multi-pronged approach, and financial institutions will fully tighten the financing of housing enterprises. The government has again tightened the control measures. Some cities have restricted purchases, restricted sales, and the price limit is more stringent. It is strictly forbidden to buy houses for enterprises, and more conditions for land auctions. Banks comprehensively raise loan interest rates. The State Council has arranged real estate management work. Some housing companies can’t hold back, one The housing differentiation is obvious, the volume and price are seriously shrinking, the second-hand housing has no market price, and the transaction time is obviously lengthened. At this time, the real estate market realized that the regulation cycle and intensity may be unprecedented. This regulation is true, today Housing prices in Xiamen have begun to drop sharply. More than 800 land plots have been flown this year. What I can say is that determination is not just to talk about. However, we still have to realize that such strict regulation and control will allow housing prices to be contained, so that most of the Chinese people will not dare to think about it, and in the current situation, governments at all levels can really insist on this policy for a long time, especially under some third-line. The city may be a false regulation at all. How can it really prompt the government to solve the real estate market problem for a long time? Please see Real Estate Review 3 – Long-term mechanism for stable and healthy development of real estate.

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