The real estate debate, the people who said that housing prices have risen, finally shut up!

Real Estate The debate, the people who said that house prices have risen, finally shut up!

The price issue is a common problem. In the previous issues, we have had some discussions and have been heatedly discussed by netizens. In this issue, we will conduct a discussion based on the attitudes of the state and the regulation through the perspective of both parties. Through discussion, let us know some real estates in the future. The trend, why do you say that?

Because we know that house prices are composed of policy direction and market confidence, the determination of policy-controlled house prices is now clear, and market confidence, that is, buyers’ attitude towards the property market’s bullish and bearish attitude will determine the property market. The direction. Therefore, this discussion has a certain meaning. Let’s move on.

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real estate debate, say The person who has risen in price has finally shut up!

Rising party:

1Real estate is still the largest pillar industry in China. In the past 20 years, commercial housing has slightly fallen back in 2008 and 14 years, and will continue to hit new heights.

2 The purpose of regulation is to Let people not sell houses, they simply do not want to let house prices fall;

3 The land finance problem has always been the government’s income. If the land price does not rise, the local debt will not be able to afford, the land price will not fall, and the house price will be difficult to fall;

4The short-term regulation can make the house price not rise, but as long as it is loose, the house price will retaliate, and artificially holding down the house price will not let the house price rise, it will only let other prices rise, such as rent;

5Real estate involves dozens of industries such as domestic home appliances, cement, building materials, etc., and the whole body can be kept stable, but it can not be lowered, and no one can buy a house when it falls;

6 floors There have been three small rises in three years and a big rise in seven years. These two decades have always been this routine, and every regulation is a good time to buy a house. Therefore, the rising faction believes that house prices will not fall at all, saying that falling is a dream.

 Real estate debate, people who say that house prices are rising, finally shut up!

1 Regulation will definitely continue until the real estate speculators doubt life. If the regulation has been going on for 10-20 years, the real estate speculators are afraid of fear, so the regulation can also play a role. The effect of housing prices, before the decline of some cities in China, is the credit of regulation;

2 Now the rise in housing prices is the monetary resettlement of the 3rd and 4th sheds, the relocated households have the money to buy a house, plus the destocking policy, so now After the inventory is basically finished, the country will not need to refuel;

3 Now that the country has established a long-term mechanism, it is not going to go through it, or the idea of ​​using real estate to pull domestic brokers is outdated. Look at the domestic proposal to revitalize the entity, engage in infrastructure construction, and support the relevant industries to know;

4 property tax is a big move, will squeeze out a large number of properties, there will be vacant Taxes are waiting;

5The regulation and restriction will continue. After buying a house for several years, it will not be sold, and the house and money will all be locked up in the property market, and one will not escape;

6 Real estate will only have the property of residence in the future. The latest structure of the property has been released recently. It is no longer the main commodity house, but the commercial housing, shared property, security and rental housing. The ratio is 4:2:2:2. Solve the living problems of rich people, share property rights to solve the problem of sandwich layer living, protect housing to solve low-income housing problems, rent housing to solve the problem of transitional leasing groups, and solve the housing problem of rented groups through affordable housing, self-sustaining houses and stock houses.

Therefore, the down faction believes that house prices will be the last increase in 2018, and house prices will only fall in the future and will not rise. Urban tenants seem to have a certain advantage in this downfall. First, the long-term mechanism of rent and purchase, property tax, etc., has added a lot of uncertain factors to the future property market.

Second, the regulation will be strengthened, restrictions on sales restrictions, the property can not be sold within a few years, real estate speculators have basically no chance.

So, in summary, the property market has come to the discussion, and people who say that house prices will rise will finally bow down and admit defeat!