What should the information technology course teach?

Yesterday, I was responsible for the 13th Five-Year Study of Beijing’s Off-campus Education, “Exploration of Internet + Off-Site Technology Education”, which made an interim report in the Dongcheng District Research Month, due to two topics in the three sub-topics. The person in charge is ill, so I basically report for them within the prescribed eight minutes. The topic I am responsible for is not fully explained. I want to talk about some ideas here, otherwise I feel that even my students are sorry. .

What should the information technology course teach?

Thought one, what should I teach outside off-campus information technology?

I have been teaching computers since the 1980s, from computer architecture to programming. After the emergence of the operating system, I taught the operating system, which is basically a process of literacy. Later, I had the privilege of talking to Professor Wu Wenhu of Tsinghua University. We all agreed that we should change the teaching content to the application. With the transformation of computers into information technology, the teaching content of the school still stays in the application of software and software, and basically follows this old road, which can be seen from the school’s teaching materials. I have completely changed my direction since I founded the Science Fan Club in 2013. My views and practices are that the information technology course should teach not what software to use, but to develop and deepen the general software and platform. Students can adapt to the real situation, which can be seen from the fifth science fan club three-level maker training curriculum system. Students in the Science Fan Club’s headquarters, SAST courses, and high-quality courses are all developed in this system. Students try to solve problems with information technology instead of learning software and software applications. This method of solving practical problems with actual software and platforms is similar to STEM’s situational teaching, which is also in line with the future needs of students. In fact, when students return home and go back to school, they have applied the methods learned from me. This is why the Science Club is popular and recognized by the National Education Expo. Our course is to teach students practical problems. Rather than being compiled for teaching, even our actual problems are what the students themselves want to solve.

Thought 2, why is the science fan club’s curriculum now fully turned to STEM?

What should the information technology course teach?

Some people mentioned that their course is a STEM concept. In fact, it is an old course with a STEM tag. I have studied and practiced STEM for more than a year, and even went to the United States to study directly. Several Chinese STEM series courses have been developed, including solar series, wind energy series, science fiction series, etc. It can be said that STEM has a certain understanding. I feel that I want to make my course STEM concept requires in-depth research and practice in curriculum design, implementation, evaluation, etc. The introduction of STEM concept needs localization and Chineseization, otherwise it is a joke. However, the development of the Chinese STEM series courses like me is more necessary to take into account the student factors. For example, how do students’ education methods and ways of thinking in schools change into STEM methods for active learning? How to train students to have high-level thinking? To put it simply, how to turn the cramming teaching into inquiry-based teaching. These are the first steps in the 120th issue of the 3rd Education Expo Science Fan Club Salon and the first step of the 121st STEM Chineseization–Exploratory Teaching Details· I have discussed it in the exhibition. It is precisely because I have translated the information technology course into a STEM course and how the effect is detected. As a result of research and practice, my Internet + technology education project is not empty but has rich and advanced content. The idea is to support.

Thought 3, how should we teach artificial intelligence?

We have heard a lot about artificial intelligence. In fact, our students can hear it. How is this lesson? Is it okay to tell our students about our confusion?

About artificial intelligence Today, after I spoke to the teachers in the district, I gave the students a similar lesson in the afternoon. I will talk about the second example. (The first example when I told the teachers in the morning was the manga that the human beings pleaded with the robots published in the New Yorker magazine last year. The second example is the Korean science fiction film “The Destruction of Humanity”, “The Heavenly Creations” on the plot. I think everyone can search for themselves.) I made the necessary tips and questions in the teaching process in accordance with the principle of not spoiling, in order to cause students to think. To be honest, my bald boy saw a plain story that was really not very concerned, and some even started playing games with the mobile phone I licensed. After decisively stopping the students’ behavior (threatening them to confiscate the mobile phone for the game), I paused to discuss the story with the students, causing suspense and continuing to watch. The final effect is still very good, students can take the initiative to think, and put forward their own views. Students can basically recognize that robots can quickly surpass humans in many ways, but humans still have many ways to prevent robots from threatening humans. Some students can also realize that these trends of robots are predicted by humans, not necessarily real, and there are many things we can’t predict. This kind of active learning and high-order thinking means that I can pass five lessons. The best results achieved. Some people may think that five lessons is just a round of such a class. If you know that I have to adjust the course or even the overall change in each round, it is not easy. Each semester will benefit students from three schools around us. Dozens of students will experience the concept and training of the Chinese STEM course, and improve and develop in high-level thinking and hands-on practice. This is my good in the 139th period. The science and technology teacher= improving the child’s ability > teaching the child’s knowledge > with the children mentioned in the concept of the production – that is to help students grow rather than just teach students knowledge and skills, this is the value of the science fans club! ! !

What should the information technology course teach?

The “Tiangong Kaiwu” stills in the “Humans Destruction Report” (To be honest, I don’t really like Korean film and television works except the barbaric girlfriends, mainly because their shoddy and imitation are too serious, There is also the forgery of historically challenging history. But the film’s description of the future development of robots has caused me to think deeply and evoke the interest of students.)

I admire some teachers who have a section The class has repeatedly become the ultimate class, but as an information technology teacher, I am really unfortunate, information technology is developing too fast. Some things we have just eliminated have been eliminated, so we can only continue to learn, and constantly apply new things to teaching in order to not be eliminated by the times. I have been doing the PPT open class since the beginning of the century, and I am already doing the STEM course open class. I don’t have a section of all the open classes. It’s not the same, but I don’t have the chance to do it once. I am still very serious, I think that I have done a great job as a daily class (self-satisfaction). The teacher itself is a very creative career. Each teacher encounters a different student and uses different teaching methods. It is impossible to change the same, so it is necessary to constantly learn and practice. In a fashionable words, we will always be On the road!