Business intelligence platform

Business Intelligence (BI)The initial goal is to optimize enterprise decision support, transform data from valuable information, and assist business strategy and decision making. Formulated. So the ultimate goal of BI is to get the commercial Insight.

Business Intelligence Platform

BI first realizes the transparency of enterprise data. The original data report is to quantitatively grasp the operational status of the enterprise from the perspective of data. Support, a lot of decision-making will have a reference. With the continuous development of business and information technology, BI is no longer just in the field of reporting. Data is used more for business analysis than presentation. The basic components of business analysis are statistics, forecasting and optimization. Operational decisions play a more critical role. But as information expands and data volumes increase dramatically, BI continues to face challenges. We need to spend more on processing and storing data, and we need to spend more time analyzing and applying data. Therefore, the business intelligence platform greatly simplifies this process.

ETHINK Big Data Business Intelligence Platform is a next-generation data analysis platform that provides a one-stop data storage platform and a one-stop management platform that can connect to different databases or distributions. Database and support for connection and access to a variety of big data storage platforms, data consolidation, search, visualization and analysis, through the ETHINK big data business intelligence platform, to obtain unprecedented business insights. By providing customers with one-stop storage and management services, it helps customers to face the rapid growth of data and the risk of uncertainty in the storage of business systems, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO). The company often adopts technical evaluation standards to meet the needs of business growth and change.

Business Intelligence Platform


ETHINK BI Platform is a new generation of intelligent BI platform

Main support features include: large screen visualization, cockpit and Data visualization products such as dashboards, self-service multi-dimensional analysis, and Chinese-style reports; provides hundreds of rich graphics, and more than 100 types of visual interactive component products are easy to use and support deep and flexible development 2 times