Cloud computing

“You see, Lee’s mobile phone activity track is still at rest for a whole day. This is not in line with common sense.” Recently, through the community correction and supervision platform, the prosecutor of the Zhangdian District Procuratorate of Zibo City issued this After the question, the investigation was started.

In the past, the community correction object Li has not reported the ideological dynamics in the past six months, and put the mobile phone included in the community correction mobile phone positioning system at home, and play around. According to the prosecution recommendations, the Community Correction Department warned them. This is the typical application of the new model of data community correction and inspection by Zhangdian District Procuratorate. The community’s self-developed community correction and prosecutorial supervision platform has achieved the precise supervision of “big data + criminal execution”, the full supervision of “human defense + technology”, and the sunshine supervision of “intelligent management + human care”.

In early May of this year, in the Zhoucun District Procuratorate of Zibo City, the “Party Construction + Business” double-base classification assessment smart platform officially entered the trial operation stage. Through the automated analysis of the data of party building and procuratorial business, the platform conducts classified assessments of party branches, party groups, party members and post procurators, procuratorial support personnel, and judicial administrative personnel, and the results of the assessment are combined with the annual pre-evaluation. For the procurators who have not completed the assessment tasks in time, the platform will use the mobile app to push reminders and real-time supervision in the form of data, and use the “smart two-wheel” of “party construction + business” to promote the police in the hospital to strengthen political leadership and take the lead in starting a business. Make a demonstration on the lead.

In the procuratorial organs of Zibo City, the wisdom of the big data and cloud computing is coming, and the procuratorial work of Zibo has gradually entered the wisdom work of “people are doing, numbers are turning, clouds are watching”. mode.

In early June of this year, the Zibo City Procuratorate passed the inspection and inspection system, and conducted remote video inspections on the situation of the police officers in the districts and counties. They did not need to run errands and could find out the “true problems.” This “inspection-through” system, which integrates multiple functions, has been inspected more than 40 times since its establishment. It has used the platform to hold more than 160 scheduling meetings, more than 60 case discussions, remote video interviews and legal consultations. More than 220 pieces, so that “the masses run less errands, data and more roads” become a reality.

The party building has become more secure, the procuratorial supervision is more precise, and the accuracy of handling cases is higher. The procuratorial organs of Zibo have achieved success in recent years. It is such a large number of procuratorial “black technology” assistance, which forces all Procuratorial work is in the forefront of the province in an orderly manner. “In the next step, we will actively embrace big data in accordance with the unified deployment of higher-level procuratorates, and consciously put the ‘smart policing’ work in a more prominent and important position, and gradually establish a coverage of party building, business work, and team building in the city. ‘Smart policing’ unified operation system, plugging the wings for procuratorial work, and strive to create a new situation in the city’s procuratorial work.” Wei Yumin, chief procurator of the Zibo City Procuratorate, said.

Source: Procuratorial Daily