Fidelity launches trade execution and custody of kryptowährungen

Jessop said the project is largely a consequence of the early interest in Johnson’s. The CEO led the charge in kryptowährung, one of the riskiest and volatilsten asset classes of last year, already 2014.

loyalty has a few existing kryptowährung projects: it started Bitcoin “Mining” somewhere in New Hampshire, as the digital asset around $180 price, has a partnership with Coinbase, their kryptowährung can check that loyal customers balances the faithful app and started in the year 2015 to facilitate donations for charitable purposes in Bitcoin.

Johnson “is very much interested in and stays up on developments in the field in a significant way,” said Jessop, who joined fidelity in January by kryptowährung start-up chain, and before that spent 17 years at Goldman Sachs.

the new stand-alone company, about 100 employees and is headquartered in Boston, is in the process of boarding his first customers now and are on the market and “generally available” sometime in early 2019.

Kryptowährung prices are meanwhile, still struggling to recover. Bitcoin is more than 50 percent this year and has returned to its peak close to $20,000.

still, said Jessop, neither fidelity nor institutions that are distracted by price it services. He compared the potential of technology in the long term with mobile financial services to the Internet.


“nobody” if some of these early stage Internet companies went in 2000 out of business, Gee, the Internet is toast “,” Jessop said. “We focus too much on the price. It is a basic technology – people try to contact with the trend and expected volatility in the asset itself. “

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