Netflix lowered target price of Goldman Sachs and Raymond James

Goldman Sachs and Raymond James have their 12-month forecasts for Netflix on the concern, the rising interest in evaluating the high flying Internet firm will be reduced chip away, which reports Results Tuesday after the Bell.

“we our price target lowered have around 10% up to $400 to a rising interest rate environment reflect” Raymond James analyst Justin Patterson said in a note on Monday.

Patterson said Raymond James remains “bullish” on Netflix ‘as drivers remain large sales on its head”and”negative catalysts,”such as the competitive threat from other streaming services”are low.”

Citigroup on Friday asked, say investors, dip, stock tumble last week provides an entry point to buy.

“we see the recent sell-off recurring as possible, a high-quality, own revenue franchise with attractive upside potential,” Citi said.

A $375

Citi has a price target on Netflix.