Iran calls for efforts of the United States, cut oil exports to zero “political bluff”

Geneva (AP) – statements by the United States, that it would reduce to zero Iranian oil exports are a “political bluff,” the head of State-run national Iranian oil company (NIOC) said, according to a report by Arturo on Wednesday published news agency.

file photo: a gas torch on an oil rig production from the fields of Soroush is seen next to an Iranian flag in the Gulf region, Iran, July 25, 2005. REUTERS/Raheb Homavandi / file photo

U.S. officials said Iran’s oil exports to zero are forced to change their leaders want to cut her behavior in the region. U.S. sanctions on Iranian oil exports are expected to be on November 4 in occurs.

NIOC Director Ali Kardor, said President Donald Trump, to reduce Iranian oil exports for months had tried.

“the President of America has done what he can and he knows very well that was a political bluff to get Iranian oil exports to zero”, said Kardor.

the U.S. Government has urged his allies to cut Iranian oil imports and encouraging Saudi Arabia, other OPEC countries and Russia to meet more oil pump to any deficiencies.

Kardor said Iran have no difficulty, the payments for oil exports, and said that the Islamic Republic could accept payment in euros instead of dollars if necessary.

Kardor “On this issue, there is no problem,” said Iran’s ISNA news agency reported. “With European support, it will be no problem.”

European powers tried to save a nuclear-powered with the Iran, moved to the United States in May.

which has the European Union last month it was setting on a special purpose vehicle (SPV) to facilitate trade with the Iran and said that it could be in place by November.

European diplomats have said that the SPV similar as you can before Iranian oil exchange an Exchange system, by the Soviet Union during the cold war, according to European goods without money the owner changes would create.

Kardor said that Iran was scheduled to sign a new oil contract with a foreign company within two weeks, reported ISNA. He no additional information.

reporting by Babak Dehghanpisheh; Editing by Louise Himmel and Edmund Blair

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