6 trading tips for introverts

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Some people are natural negotiators. These are talkers who always come to say what it takes to get exactly what they want. Where most of us are at least somewhat concerned about the idea of ​​trading, these people seem to be enjoying it.

Negotiating can be particularly difficult for introverts, not because they lack self-confidence, but because negotiations can have a confrontational tone and often require some posture and bluffing – which are not tools usual communication skills. Although introverts may be less comfortable with the bargaining process, they have many strengths that can help them in the process. (See also: 6 Introverts Habits for Smart Money)

Nobody is born a good negotiator. Negotiation is a skill that requires a lot of practice. And here are six ways in which introverts can become stellar negotiators. (See also: 8 negotiation skills that everyone should master)

1. Search and prepare

Introverts tend to blossom when they have researched and prepared themselves in advance. By doing research, you protect yourself from the facts. This is essential because you no longer have to rely on your opinion or your emotions, which can be difficult to share openly for introverts.

Determine what salary is being paid for someone in your community with the same level of experience. Collect data from several reliable sources. Then create a list of everything you have done in the past year. If, for example, you have saved a significant amount for the company, be sure to include it in your documentation.

2. Consider the result

Think about how the other party might eventually respond to your request for negotiation. For example, if you ask for an increase, how will you react if they agree? And if they do not agree? And do they choke you completely?

Evaluate each possible outcome and how you will manage it. Consider what you are asking. Do you have a bottom line? What would be the bare minimum that you hoped to gain by having this conversation?

For an introvert, nothing is worse than being thrown into a loop. Be realistic and plan for the unexpected.

3. Cut to the hunt and ask

So many opportunities are missed because people are not sure how to ask what they want or are too scared of. Share your data, get right to the point and ask what you want. If the other party does not agree to your terms, it's probably because they either did not believe the facts or do not have enough resources to support your request. In any case, you never know what you can win unless you ask.

4. Show them how it is mutually beneficial

Explain why you deserve what you ask for, but also make sure you include what they will earn by giving it to you. A successful negotiation will show how this proposal will benefit both parties. If you want, for example, a promotion, indicate how you will increase your bottom line or improve the business in this new role. (See also: 6 reasons why introverts are the best employees)

5. Do not forget to take a break

Generally, introverts like to take the time to think about what they will say before they say it. For this reason, long breaks or unplanned questions can cause fear of the unknown. Long breaks, however, can be used to the benefit of an introvert.

If someone asks you a surprising question, do not hesitate to pause before answering. While you are gathering your ideas, the other person can even offer additional explanations or clarifications, allowing you to gain additional time to make your point. (See also: 7 situations of daily life that intrigue Ace)

6. Practice, practice, practice

Repeat everything, how will you enter the room, how will you greet the other party and how you plan to take the conversation. Avoid explaining in detail why you want what you want. Stick to the facts.

It may seem a bit silly to practice your trading advice, but the more you repeat, the more your confidence will increase. Note if you move, stutter, or do not speak clearly. Do not forget that your answers must be brief and concordant in order to communicate what you are asking for.

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6 trading tips for introverts