6 personal care rituals to try when you discover that you are pregnant

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Congratulations, you are pregnant! Even if it's exactly what you wanted, finding out that you're pregnant can be stressful. After all, a new baby is changing your life forever. You may need to remodel your home, move out, buy a new vehicle, and so on. And even if everything is already in place, a new baby will completely transform your daily routine. Here's how to make room for these big changes and reduce your stress at the same time. (See also: 8 silver gestures to realize when you discover that you are pregnant)

1. Assess your needs

Maybe you need more time alone. Maybe you need some time with friends. Maybe you need to take regular naps or meditate several times a week. Take the time to determine what you need. Think about your life and write down what you think would help make your pregnancy more comfortable and how you can integrate more into your routine. Then do it. (See also: 14 smartphone apps that make self-care easy to use)

2. Avoid Google

Pregnancy can be a time of great anxiety because you do not want to do anything that can harm your baby. It comes with all kinds of new physical sensations and experiences. When something seems different to you or if you have a question, it is natural to want an immediate resolution by finding the answer yourself.

The problem with the Internet, however, is that you hear about a lot of worse scenarios and expose yourself to a lot of untested information. This can cause boredom to total panic. Instead of going to see Dr. Google, find a real doctor, midwife or doula whom you can trust. When questions come up, call them instead.

3. Get more rest

Due to hormonal changes, most women feel more tired than usual, especially early in their pregnancy. Instead of taking it, take it as an indication of what your body needs: more rest. By giving priority to rest, you will not only give your body the energy needed to raise a baby, but you will also place yourself in the best possible place to approach your pregnancy with a clear and calm mind. (See also: Treat yourself to these 7 free self-care routines)

4. Find or create a soothing space

Is there a place that instantly puts you at ease? This can be anywhere from your bedroom or garden to the local library or spa. Wherever you are, spend as much time as you can during your pregnancy. You can even create a comfortable space by adding your favorite books, candles and many warm blankets and pillows.

Even if you can not go to your place of peace because of your work or other daily responsibilities, take the time to go there regularly. Visualization can be a powerful tool and can change the way we perceive reality. Although you can not enjoy all the benefits of a place to relax, you may feel less stressed. (See also: 5 ways that Self Care can actually save you money)

5. hike

Exercise is always helpful in reducing stress and can be especially helpful when you are pregnant. Be sure to consult your doctor about exercise routines that you have not tried yet. However, unless you rest in bed, taking a walk is almost never a bad idea. And 30 to 60 minutes of walking each day can help release endorphins into your brain, making you happier, more relaxed and able to take on any challenge you have. (See also: 6 simple ways to do more exercise without working)

6. Take the time to enjoy your pregnancy

If you feel nervous or if your pregnancy has raised a lot of unknowns about your future, it can be hard to feel anything other than fear. Schedule time each day to remind you why being pregnant is worthwhile for you to go through in the present moment. Soon you will have a child to love and nurture and you will be able to watch it grow. You should also keep in mind that your body is doing something really amazing while you go on your day. You create a life inside your body. It's amazing. And there are women around the world who have gone through it and are now experiencing it – to comfort you knowing that you are not alone in this process.

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6 personal care rituals to try when you discover that you are pregnant