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If you want to have more conversations with the right people, persistence is the key. The data shows that most sales representatives today are content to send an email or make a phone call. The best sales professionals will not give up so quickly. They create a sales pace with multiple touch points, including a variety of commercial communication channels: calls, SMS, emails, social media, voicemail, direct event mailing and video.

Gabe Larsen, vice president of growth for InsideSales.com, and Michael Pedone, founder and CEO of SalesBuzz, will show you the winning formula for sales prospecting.

2. The commercial prospection for the pros: 5 secrets to build a winning cadence

Commercial prospecting for the pros: 5 secrets to build a winning pace | A comprehensive guide to commercial prospecting

Prospecting is an exhausting job, and most reps fail for lack of testing. Data from InsideSales Labs shows that the most used sales rate is a single email when you try to contact prospects. This is an appalling figure, as most potential customers need about six interventions to respond. We partnered with Michael Pedone, CEO of SalesBuzz, to see what makes a strong sales force and business conversation a success.

3. Tip for internal sales prospecting: adapt your telephone tone to the needs / interests of your potential customer

Wait, do not pick up this phone! At least do not start dialing before asking who you are calling and where it is in the benefit pyramid. Knowing where a prospect is on this pyramid can make all the difference as to whether or not you put your foot in the door.

4. 9 common but avoidable mistakes in business e-mails

9 common but avoidable mistakes in business e-mails | A comprehensive guide to commercial prospecting

Writing is a very important part of sales in the modern era and it is essential that we do it right. In the past, you may have been talking face-to-face with your customers or over the phone. Today, we live in the era of writing content, letters and, most importantly, e – mails.

When writing sales e-mails, it is often the first interaction you have with a potential customer. If you make a mistake or make a mistake, it could be a lost customer forever.

Let's explore nine of the most common sales prospecting email errors that you must avoid to maximize your chances of success.

5. Art Sobczak, legend of the telephone prospecting, will speak at the summit on the acceleration of sales

InsideSales.com is pleased to announce the addition of Art Sobczak, one of the world's leading phone prospecting authorities, to the list of speakers at this year's Sales Acceleration Summit.

Sobczak, a veteran of the industry for 31 years, is the author of five books that help sellers to generate income by saying and doing the right things over the phone.

If your sales strategy uses a phone in any way, Sobczak has relevant information to help your business.

6. 4 common myths about commercial prospecting, destroyed

4 common myths about sales prospecting, destroyed | A comprehensive guide to commercial prospecting

Do you always feel that impromptu calls are dead or that buyers do not really read your content? Do not believe a word that you hear, because you will miss solid opportunities. A recent study by the RAIN group of 489 sellers reveals some common myths about sales prospecting and demystifies them with reliable data.

7. [Live Webinar] Sales prospecting focused on data

In recent years, the way salespeople make sales has evolved. Not only are the majority of sales being done remotely over the phone (the internal sales model), but the way in which the main search and the addition of data is carried out has become the new frontier of sales.

To better inform the internal sales sector about best practices for achieving growth with targeted lists and an internal sales team, ZoomInfo and InsideSales.com partnered to present a webinar entitled "Data-Driven Sales Prospecting".

8. 4 business prospecting tips to increase the number of hours of power

4 business prospecting tips to increase power hours | A comprehensive guide to commercial prospecting

Running is one of my passions, both for the exercise and for the challenge of pushing my body to the limit.

A few years ago, I was training with a friend Ironman triathlete. This is the real deal: a marathon of less than three hours and in the top 30% of Ironman triathletes.

At the end of our race, we pushed hard the last half mile. I maximized my pace and gave him all the juice I had. I noticed that it was going to skyrocket, then back a bit, and then again. After our race, I asked what he was doing, and he explained that you can run faster if you increase speed then take short "breaks" in your pace throughout the race, especially at the end.

If you lead a sales team, here are four tips to follow when planning Power Hours:

9. Cold Calling Tips and Secrets of Prospecting for Sales of One Million Dollars [Upcoming Webinar]

Cold calling tips and secrets of prospecting for sales of one million dollars [Upcoming Webinar] | A comprehensive guide to commercial prospecting

Two of the top minds in the sales industry will join forces for a webinar featuring cold solicitation tips and prospecting secrets. All will be discussed in light of the latest technology and research techniques, sales training and sales systems.

10. Cold research and sales prospecting: a day in the life

Do your salespeople spend their time wisely?

According to CSO Insights, the average sales representative actually spends just two days a week selling.

The rest of the time, your reps are probably looking for someone to call, write emails, leave voicemails and record call notes.

Cold prospecting and commercial prospecting teams often make these common mistakes that reduce productivity.

Knowing how to effectively use business prospecting can help a company increase sales and achieve sales goals in no time. We hope this article has helped you better understand this strategy.

What marketing prospecting strategies can you share? Leave them in the comment section below!

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