AI Growth innovators to share lessons in digital sales transformation at ACCELERATE NYC | The sales insider

FacebookGoogle PluslinkedinFast-growing business leaders think and act differently when it comes to using advanced analytics and data to gain a competitive advantage. They do not store data, they exploit it to unlock growth higher than the market. Cisco, CA, Broadridge Speakers, teem + wework, iHeartRadio, Harvard Business School, Anaplan, Wharton Business School, McKinsey and others will share their approach to analytics, behavioral data, sales operations, and data-driven marketing in Age of Intelligence with NYC participants, including:

  • CenturyLink GEMS Executive Vice President and President, Vernon Irvin, will reveal how his team is using artificial intelligence and information on the buying behavior of millions of SMEs to prioritize account targeting and be competitive in this time of disruption.
  • whitefish Vice President of Virtual Virtual Sales and Customer Success, Sylvain Tremblaywill address the changes that companies must make to meet aggressive growth imperatives in increasingly competitive markets. He will explain how Cisco is tailoring its elite sales teams to productivity using the AI ​​to prioritize actions and improve engagement success.
  • Broadridge's Director of Operations, Strategy and Global Commercial Operations, Sales Manager of Financial Services N.A.Bill Quinn as well as Kathryn Mendoza Vice President, Sales Operations and Reporting share real world lessons in support of global sales operations, using AI for smarter pipeline management and more accurate predictive forecasting.
  • CA Technologies » World leader in digital demand generationSid Kumar share how their demand-building team enables CA's sales organization to identify new prospects and expansion opportunities using machine learning and global buyer knowledge.

If you can not participate in this year's event, do not worry. We will post here highlights and videos of the event on the blog. Add bookmarks and come back daily to learn from growth leaders, sales and marketing managers, and opinion leaders from business schools who share strategies to increase their revenue using analytics. IA and information on collective buyers. Do you have a question or topic of interest? Share it below in the comments section and we'll answer it.