Innovators Podcast @ Stanford

A fun interview at Stanford about old and new things.
2:15 pm: Founders and dysfunctional families
3:55 am: operating in chaos
7:18 AM Mentoring is a two-way street
11:50 am: the founders are artists
14:03: failure = experience
17h27: Rules for raising a family if you are a founder
7:25 pm: Startups are not smaller versions of large companies
22:03: How were born I-Corps and H4X
26:25: Your idea is not a business
31:19: Why the old method of creating startups does not work anymore
32:53: Origin of the startup Lean
34:24 Why the lean start-up changes everything in the Harvard Business Review
35:28: How innovation occurs
Business / Government Innovation
41h37: Innovation is different in companies and government agencies
42:35 The pipeline of innovation
43:30 Deliverable products and services, not activities
44:25 GE and Procter and Gamble and Lean
46:44: Start-ups disrupt things by breaking the law
Government innovation
51h12: Fight against permanent disturbances through continuous innovation
52:08: How governments innovate
53h58: The US government goes to lean
56h00: Customer Development versus Design
57:54: Innovation from the battlefield to the meeting room