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Business is not difficult for you. Business is difficult for everyone. There are systemic challenges in all business areas that challenge the best of people in the best of businesses without ever being fully resolved. These systemic issues treat all airlines in the same way, with airlines being the best example, none of them being spared from weather delays, unplanned maintenance or bad culinary experiences. Your business has its own challenges and it's easy to believe that you are not doing as well as others.

You get an A. Maybe a B.

Even if there are problems every day, you are probably not broke. It is more likely that you are an A or B. Perhaps 97% of what you do each day works wonders, with 3% of what you do is terribly inadequate or fails completely. 92% is still an A. 85% is a B, which still leaves a lot to do, but it is not a bad note.

Businesses that fail are not long-lasting because there are far too many choices for customers. This low level will cause people to cross the street.

Leaders deal with problems

The reason why so many managers, managers and supervisors tend to see the worst things is because their days are consumed with 3%, 8% or 12% of things that are problematic. They do not have to work on what is going well because it does not require their attention. In some cases, this makes success almost invisible; you do not see them, so they do not hold your attention.

If you intend to score points, you must do so in a fair and honest manner, without making you or others, negative or cynical. Recognize what works well and remember that every company has a percentage of its work subject to error, largely because of the systemic difficulties it faces – just like you.

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