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There is a deafening silence where there was a cacophony of shrill voices shouting cold calls and singing the praises of what they called "social selling".

Note that no one really wants to help people improve their sales results and is more willing to remove the phone as a support. Even those who were very late to the party abandoned the ghost. At worst, they shelter, suggesting that the phone works, but that you should also consider using social tools, even if the main tools previously rented are no longer mentioned (like Twitter, Facebook and the Internet). 39 weird idea that Snapchat is an important B2B game). Social selling is back to LinkedIn, which turns out to be a disaster (and exactly the opposite of what "social selling" suggests).

Have you recognized how rare and how rare it is to see the words "social sale" now on social publications, where it was once part of every 2 or 3 publication? The two words "social" and "sale" are almost never seen together, apparently having lost their mojo in the past two years. Like all modes, over time, they are replaced by a new fashion, while the fundamentals go from season to season, without ever going out of fashion.

Content marketing, however, continues to work well.

The reason why this deserves your attention now is that the best way to make a decision about the future is to look back. Things that stand the test of time do so only because they continue to have value.

Honesty and integrity will never be out of date. If you want to build a reputation and a career, your character is the base on which you build this structure.

The advice that makes it a trusted advisor is so fundamental and essential to creating a preference for working with you that they are as old as any story that men tell, even before the stories of the Oracles on which the Greeks relied to make vital or life-threatening decisions.

Relationships and care will always over-index when it comes to producing results through and with other human beings. If you read the story, you will find a record of your relationships, just as you have to choose a biography (which are only written about those who have lived lives that are worth being counted).

If you want to succeed, pay attention to what lasts and not to what is now. A lot of what you see that looks like something important lacks the basics to withstand the test of time.

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