Sabarimala temple closed after monthly rituals

Lord Ayyappa's Sree Dharma Sastha temple in Sabarimala was closed Tuesday after the celebration of the "Chithira Aattavisheshom" day.

The Tantri, Kandararu Rajeevararu, performed the 'padipooja' after the 'deeparadhana' before locking the doors of the temple.Melsanthi, A.V. Unnikrishnan Namboodiri, closed the shrine, singing the sacred lullaby. 'Harivarasanam, viswamohanom …."At 7 pm on Tuesday.

Hundreds of Hindu activists who had camped for two days on the sacred knoll and the surrounding forest areas also descended the hills later.

The temple, which was opened for monthly rituals on Monday night, witnessed protests from right-wing activists to allow women of reproductive age inside the temple. BJP leaders K. Surendran and M.T. Ramesh; President of the Hindu State Aikyavedi, K. P. Sasikala; and the SSR Heads of State, J. Nandakumar and Valsan Tillankery were among those camping in Sabarimala on Monday.

Ajay Yadav, Deputy Director General of Police, and Rahul R. Nair, as well as Sanjaykumar Garudin, Superintendents of the Police, have been watching since Monday morning in Pampa and Nilackal. For the first time, 15 policewomen – all over the age of 50 – were deployed to the temple premises.

Despite the ban orders and heavy police protection, Tuesday morning's tension reigned as protesters overwhelmed two women who had come to the temple with their husbands and grandchildren. The protesters demanded "proof" even though the police tried to relieve them by insisting that the women were over 50 years old. In the fray, one of the women fainted and the police forces admitted her to a nearby infirmary. Later, at the request of the police, they allowed the woman to continue her way amid mockery and foolishness

People wearing "Save Sabarimala" headbands attempted to intimidate two women journalists working four kilometers down in Pampa. The protesters also intimidated journalists and cameramen in front of the sanctuary and asked them to broadcast only their version of events.