The 7 levels of social media literacy

The 7 levels of social media literacy

Level 1: Core

Krogue describes seven steps to creating a solid social media kernel to support, including defining your goal, creating a plan, and completing your profile. It also offers tips for sharing real content on your social media accounts – on your Instagram stories, your YouTube channel, your live videos, and more. – that will resonate with your audience and engage you with stimulating feedback.

Level 2: Coach

Coach | Social Media Control Levels | Social Media Expert

Once you and your team understand the skills required in social media, it's time to practice them until you perfect them. Krogue says that a coach stays with something until it is mastered no matter how many times the learning process has to be repeated.

Level 3: Curate

Organize other people's content to help your audience get the most out of it. Shape the story so it's easy to follow and people can not wait to see what happens next.

Level 4: Contribute

Create your own original content based on your expertise. Here's how you establish yourself as an opinion leader.

Level 5: Campaign

Gather everything in a way that inspires people to act. You can use Krogue's famous CLOSERS model to design effective campaigns.

Level 6: Collaborate

Leaders often collaborate on projects, such as YouTube videos, to take advantage of each other's brands and reach a wider audience than they can reach alone. Steal a page from the artist's play book and team up with someone who has a larger audience – or different – than you. It's a win-win.

Level 7: Consult

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Once you have proven that you can master the first six levels of social media literacy, it's time to help others succeed with social media. It's also helpful to know what to do and not do social media marketing to achieve mastery level 7.

This blog article provides a brief summary of ideas discussed by Krogue in his Forbes article. Read the full article now.

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In this digital age, the presence on social networks is important for any business. I hope these tips can help you and your team harness the power of social media to reach your business goals. Do not forget that, like any skill, mastering your social media skills will also take time and practice. But just follow these tips and you'll already be on the verge of becoming a social media expert.

Do these seven levels of mastery help you become a social media expert? How do you plan to use your social media channels in your business? Share your thoughts below!

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Editor's Note: This position was published on September 30, 2014 and has been updated to improve its quality and relevance.