The story behind Clare's $ 2 million fundraiser – It's going to be huge …

She knew all of this as an influential interior designer and explained how she thought there was a big direct mark for the consumer to build in the space.

His plan was to close a little first, first pick up $ 800,000 to start running, and then complete the rest.

I asked her where she could go with that – and what milestones she could reach. This only gave her a handful of key features related to what she wanted for Clare. I encouraged her to go out for the whole thing from the start.

Asking $ 1.6 million, a non-technical first-time founder, may seem like asking for a Powerpoint – but it was better to have a plan than to throw something so great for half the money. Talking about a gradual increase can confuse an investor (and we are easily confused) as to the amount of money matching what goals – when the founder knows what he really needs.

It's so important for investors to recognize that different founders have different views on the aggressive or conservative nature of a pitch – but underpinning this sales strategy is a * real * plan that the founder knows that they could succeed if they could. successful with fundraising. As an investor, finding the solution without the founder being prompted to interpret what you want here is the key to having some contracts go under the radar that others might have overlooked.

Well, not only did she raise this money for a full launch, but she was * oversubscribed * and recruited incredible additional investors like Imaginary, First Round, Able and Bullish, and the founders of Casper and Harry & # 39; ; s.

I am delighted to support Nicole, one of the most inspiring and dynamic founders I have met, and to participate in what promises to be an exciting and impactful brand in a huge space.