This clever free tool limits incoming emails to 3 times a day

On average, we spend 47,000 hours respond to e-mails throughout our career. To put this number in perspective, we move about 22,000 hours at school and at the university.

Managing this constant stream of e-mails is not only annoying: it kills productivity and can even cause anxiety.

In addition, switching between jobs (e-mail checking and article writing, for example) interrupts the workflow. Studies show It can take up to 23 minutes to regain your concentration each time you change the subject.

Although limiting the number of emails we receive is probably the best solution, it does not always belong to us. But what we can We limit the checking frequency of our inbox.

The french Startup Adiós has developed a free tool for Gmail (and other Google-based inboxes) that hides your incoming emails until the set time. You decide what time and how often they appear in your inbox, for example at 7, 13, and 17 hours. Adiós suggests choosing three times a day, but you can choose anything from once a day to receiving e-mails once an hour.

The filter allows exceptions. You can add recipients whose messages should be displayed immediately, and unsaved e-mail addresses can be checked using the "send e-mails now" button.

This leads you to wonder how effective the extension is for true email junkies – some self-discipline is needed to meet deadlines. Nevertheless, for those who have peace of mind when looking at an empty (apparently) inbox, Adiós may be worth trying.

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