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It's easy to phone a potential customer every quarter because it's just a simple prospect. You can try again in another quarter and there are more prospects to call and, in some cases, new leads continue to flow. However, one single attempt to call the client of your dreams is not a prospecting, and more so, this is approaching you can expect to produce results.

When your attempt to get a meeting with your potential customer is a simple call followed by your disappearance for 90 days, you train that potential customer who ignores you and forces you to leave for a long time.

Believe that the next will be easier

If you call five prospects and receive a voice mail, why do you think the 6th prospect will be next to their phone and interested in talking to you? It's never easy to reach people by phone or email, although the chances of getting a meeting are much greater when you can talk directly to that person.

Since it's never easy to listen to your potential customer, there is no proof that the next call will make it easier for you to get your prospect over the phone. If this is true, you need two things. First of all, you need a reason to continue prospecting. Second, you need a strategy.

Undervalue the need for persistence

You need a lot of skills and attributes to succeed in selling (there are 17 in this book). One of the most important attributes is persistence, or determination, or intestinal courage, or grain, or any other term that describes your willingness to try again. Imagine the words that describe the opposite attribute, such as "easily discouraged," "quick to give up" or "unwilling to succeed," and you understand why people who want what they want to persist enough tend to produce these results.

The reason you must continue to call – and more often than once a quarter – is that without a serious attempt to book time on their schedule, you will not get the desired meeting.

Professional persistence of the patient

You succeed in prospecting when you persist patiently, professionally, to pursue the client of your dreams. An effective survey is a campaign, not a single event. You must be patient to get what you want, even if the patient does not mean passive, responsive or waiting for gifts to fall from the sky. Patient, professional, persistence requires action. But no action that would make you a nuisance.

Professional persistence means that your campaign is built on the ideas you want to share with the contacts you are looking for. This means that you have a theory about how they could produce better results and how to obtain them. When you have these great ideas and ideas, you have to say something when you call your potential customer, when you leave a voicemail message and when you follow it with an email. You can make communication a deposit in your future relationship.

Play the shortest short games

A single call followed by you without further attempt is the shortest of all the short games. When you propose to leave for months or quarters (or longer), you project a lack of real interest, and you give your prospect and offer, they can very easily accept, ie, avoid a meeting with a seller who does not really want their business.

Play the game long and persevere professionally instead of training your potential client to ignore you.

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