What to say about your second voice message?

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Your voice messages are always part of a broader awareness strategy. A voice message must accompany an email, or vice versa, and refer.

When you record a voice message for your prospect, follow up with an email. It's there that you include what Michael calls the coup de grace. In your email, provide a link to your online calendar. This way, if a potential customer is willing to talk to you, he can display the time in your calendar in one click.

Example: If your team is about to be developed in these areas, plan a quick call to find out if we would be a good choice. Use this link to schedule an individual call with me.

Let them choose the time instead of asking them if a specific time works.

This elimination strategy helped Michael to increase his response rate.

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We hope these tips will help you create a memorable second voice message. However, remember that a good voicemail is only one element of a broader awareness strategy. If you really want to increase the response rate of your prospects, combine a memorable voice message that arouses their interest with an email that reminds them.

Have you ever tried to leave a voice message to your potential customer? Have you been able to convert that into sales? Share your experience in the comments section below!

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