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While I was writing my book Eat Their Lunch: Winning customers away from your competitors, I understood something about vendors and their view of competition.

First, some talk far too much about their competitors and spend too much time worrying about the irrational prices of their competitors, their dirty tricks and the lies they tell their customers and prospects. In reality, you can not do anything for your competitor to play the game. Even if you kindly ask them to play honestly and have a sense of honor and decency about the game, there is to those who believe that "all that is needed" is the right way to compete.

Second, some people are doing too little competition. They focus on their business, their products and their value proposition, believing that it is necessary to rely on external factors to win markets without focusing on the value they create for the customer, which is the main source of competitive advantage. How does a smaller, seemingly weaker company beat its bigger and stronger competitor?

My experience in sales tells me that this is not true. When I started selling, I took the largest companies in my territory from the biggest competitors in my industry, even when my company measured our revenues in millions while my competitors measured theirs in billions. At one point, I recognized that the sales were not related to the situation. it's individual. I was not competing with the billion dollar company, I was competing with sellers in my territory. I did not need to beat the billion dollar company, I just had to beat the sellers by creating more value.

The three books I have published have been designed to provide the state of mind, skills and tools necessary to compete and win, even in the face of competitors who seem to have all the benefits. The only sales guide you will ever need is the skill model needed to become an attractive buyer. The Lost Art of Closing: Earning the 10 commitments that drive sales was a framework for getting the commitments needed to sell effectively and to make you consultative. Eat lunch: Winning customers away from your competitors builds on them by providing you with the strategies you need to keep the customers of your dreams from your competitors, no matter how small.

What you need to know is that a better seller wins contracts, not a bigger or better company. The team that creates more value wins and retains their customers as they continue to help them generate new and better results.

Eat Their lunch is available on November 6, 2018, but you can preorder it now. Bonuses are available for group purchases on, including speeches and workshops.

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