How Any Business Can Become Part of Downtown Events By Becoming Mobile

Haley, Jamie and Karlie dispense ice cream in their mobile cooler

Rather than sitting all night on a booth, Haley, Jamie and Karlie from Umpqua Bank walked around and made people happy at the first Thursday event in downtown Colfax, Washington.

When organizing events downtown, businesses that are not located sometimes feel excluded. A bank, which is not downtown, has found a great way to participate in the first Thursday's entertainment in downtown Colfax, Washington.

They could have done what other groups do, set up a booth on the sidewalk, distribute their ads and talk to people. They were smart, though, and did not stand. They became mobile.

The bank has an insulated cooler. They filled it with ice cream bars, ice lollies and frozen treats. Then they put him in a wagon and surrounded him throughout the evening, giving them a cool kindness.

Was it an effective advertisement for their business? I can not say, but I can tell you that it was an effective strengthening of the community.

Here's your mission: determine how you could participate in the next downtown event using mobile technology.

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