IPC (M) protests closure of Latehar case by the NHRC

The CPI (M) has written to the National Commission on Human Rights (CNDH) protesting the commission's decision to close its investigation into the lynching by a crowd of a 12-year-old boy and his uncle. Latehar, Jharkhand.

Livestock trader Mazloom Ansari (age 32) and his nephew, Imtiaz Khan, aged 12, were first beaten and hanged in a forest near the village of Jhabar in Latehar in 2016. was the first case of vigilance concerning state cows. The victims were murdered as they prepared to sell their last batch of eight oxen at a cattle fair in Chatra District to raise funds to start a new business.

To protest this decision, Brinda Karat, a member of the ICC's Political Bureau (M), said in a letter to the NHRC that it was "disappointing" that the commission had closed the case without giving justice to the families of the victims. The families had only received an allowance of 1 lakh, which, according to Ms. Karat, was an affront to justice.

Questioning the Panel's alleged motive for closing the case – the fact that the family did not respond within the four weeks stipulated – Ms. Karat pointed out that the justification given was manifestly unfair, given that the commission had taken two years to investigate the case.

"There may be valid reasons such as migration for work, etc., which made it difficult to respond in a timely manner," she wrote.

Ms. Karat asked the NHRC to re-examine the case and ensure adequate compensation to the families.