"Sober Aadhaar Compulsory for Benefits"

While five states are due to go to the polls this month, the Right to Food Campaign has decided to raise Aadhaar's mandatory requirement for social benefits, a question that election.

"Amend the Aadhaar law"

"We intend to address all political parties with a single program on Aadhaar, demanding that the Aadhaar law be amended to prohibit the compulsory or compulsory use of Aadhaar", said the campaign "Right to Food" as well in a joint statement.

Groups claim that mandatory Aadhaar imposition has resulted in many cases extreme distress or even death.

In places like Rajasthan and Jharkhand, where biometric authentication has been made mandatory in order to benefit from the benefits of the National Food Security Law, thousands of people have been affected, activists said.

"We intend to ask the people on the ground who have been victims of this vast experience to make it clear during the elections that they will target the parties that have imposed on them the mandatory use of the media." Aadhaar, "said the groups in their statement.