Wall of Kindness at Vellore Medical College Hospital

Along with the Institute of Child Health and Children's Hospital, Egmore, the government pediatric department of the Vellore Medical College Hospital (GVMCH) has set up a "wall of goodness" (Anbu Suvar) receive contributions for children admitted to the hospital.

E. Theranirajan, Head of Pediatrics Department, GVMCH, said the initiative was launched Saturday with staff members, including doctors and nurses from many departments, who wanted to bring children's clothing. The Dean of GVMCH, R. Shantimalar, launched the initiative within the department.

Similar facility

"Such a" wall of goodness "has been set up in the Tirunelveli district. We wanted to set up a similar facility to meet the needs of the children admitted here. We have a staff to manage the wardrobe and accept the contributions. We have made it clear that no ripped clothing should be brought, "he said.

He added that sometimes mothers who admit their children to the hospital during late hours in an emergency do not wear extra clothes and need clothes for themselves and their children.

"Until now, people have donated clothes, including new clothes, sheets, towels and toys. They can also contribute to stationery such as pencils, notebooks for children.

"We asked the parents to choose and take the necessary things in the wardrobe. It will remain open, "he said.