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In Afghanistan, locals have their say on their strategy with soldiers from other countries. The saying is: "You have the watches, but we have time". The idea here is that at some point, the foreign soldiers will leave and go home, and that the locals are going nowhere. The strategy is to wait for strangers and, in time, it works.

Give up too early

When a salesperson asks when it is time to abandon a potential customer or his dreamed client, it is because they are discouraged, that they lack patience and that they are not satisfied. they underestimate the power of a strategy based on professional persistence. The fact that it is difficult to get a meeting with the client of your dreams – and even harder to move your competitor – should not discourage one from suing those clients. Instead, it should encourage them because the type of loyalty of the potential customer to his existing supplier is a considerable advantage thereafter, when you have won his contract.

Time will pass whether you call the client of your dreams or not. You will continue to prospect, win meetings, create new opportunities, and win the opportunities you create. You will always do the work that sellers do, whether or not you are looking for cold targets that are better than hot leads, even if they are difficult to acquire.

Because that is true, there is no reason to give up. There is no benefit to giving up the pursuit of what you want. Abandonment only guarantees that you will never get what you want because you stop too early.

Exchange of watches for time

For sale, you believe that the customer of your dreams has the watch and that you have the time, rather than the opposite. If you do not get any traction, you receive comments. This reaction may be that you do not offer enough value to the trade for their time and attention. It can also mean that your timing is bad and you'd better try again later.

With enough time, each of your dream clients will change their strategic partner. The choice you need to make is whether you will persist long enough to be that partner.

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