7 growth projects for small businesses and start-ups to come in 2019

Are you looking for easy and effective growth techniques to boost your fledgling business? It is a rapidly changing environment, especially because of the rise of the Internet. Hence the proverb "Slow and steady wins the race" does not fit the machine very much in today's world. You must be smart enough to implement different growth hacking strategies to achieve the desired results.

Seven growth hacks for small businesses and startups.

There are several ways to accelerate the success of your business or startup. By following proven strategies, you can easily improve the sales of your business. This growth-hacker technique was developed by Sean Ellis. Ellis insists on the need to quickly get the desired results using a minimum of expenses.

Below are some growth hacks practiced by huge brand names. Used at an early stage will have an impact on customers – and will bring you significant benefits:

1) Target social media platforms for customer retargeting

The best way to interact with your potential customers is to target them on their first visit to your website. This can be done by setting up targeted ads that link the unique visitor to your site. You want them to come back soon to your website. This early commitment encourages them to return to your site and tries to avoid missing any offers or offers live on this product.

Your strategy is to convert your visitors into regular customers. This targeting method is best for achieving this goal and will help you reach your revenue goal faster.

Many startups keep track of their visitors' online footprint and follow it everywhere for a quick and important impact.

2) Increase the funds to develop your business

It's true: "Money makes more money." Investing money after implementing several growth hacks is crucial for your growth trajectory. You can ask your co-founders and other investors to invest in the development of the company.

Once your company reaches a pre-determined goal, venture capitalists are beginning to be interested in its expansion.

As the sale of your products increases, more and more investors are starting to invest, increasing the company's capital. If you can not raise capital with investors, consider using working capital loans for small businesses to expand. Capital expansion plays a key role in the growth of any business and contributes to a better productivity improvement system.

3) Focus on Content Marketing and Use Content Upgrades

Content marketing is a useful tool for multiplying the number of leads for your business. Driven by metric of demand, this study notes that content marketing tends to boost business by reducing costs by about 62%.

The first step is to add a blog on the website so that customers get involved with the solutions provided by your startup.

If you set up an appropriate SEO on your blog, you will see statistics gain visibility. You will witness the growth of your audience as their engagement increases. If it is possible to provide relevant content upgrades in exchange for email from your customers, you will be able to collect a huge list of customers. It's your customers who want to be with you and your product.

Almost all websites like Google, Amazon, etc. use this simple strategy to give customers confidence about their services.

4) Use Exit-Intent to create a large email database

Many companies rely on collecting customer e-mails and building an extensive collection to be able to communicate directly with customers and obtain incredible offers, promotional offers or discounts, etc., which attracts them to their website.

These small incentives and offers are appreciated by all. Therefore, use these exit pop-ups to record your personal email so that conversion rates increase and you can track all the customer's activities and when they will leave your website. you can build customer loyalty by adding this simple exit intent.

5) Hire like-minded people to reach your goal

To reach your goal quickly, it is necessary to form a team of diligent people, determined to reach the objectives and enthusiastic with the idea to work in team. Their goals must match the goals of the organization so that they can do more for the growth of the team as a whole.

This is necessary because the growth of any business relies on its human resources, which are its strengths and who are always working to improve business growth and reach the top rank.

6) Work hard to make your products perfect

Your company needs to expand its resources to make your products an excellent quality exhibit. This attention to detail will demand the value of your product.

When you focus on making each product in the best possible way, the product will automatically be able to compete in the market. Your increased competition will lead to a flourishing growth in your company's revenues.

It will also lead to the development of vision and prospects for future growth. You will begin to establish your business around the world. Having a high-end product and marketing it opens up many possibilities to operate your business internationally.

7) S engage in customer feedback

Comments are the best way to discover the weak points of your product or service. This immediately makes your services more user-centric. Seeking feedback from your customers about your service or product leaves room for improvement. These comments help customers engage with your support team and find solutions. which increases their loyalty to your business.

Customers are your best measure to gain knowledge about your product or service. You can then make updates and immediate changes. Your customers will bring many ideas for future products.

Integrate these growth hacks into your startup environment right from the beginning. Your business will grow exponentially and is the most cost-effective way to grow. Say "no" to inefficient traditional marketing practices and bring those smart tips into the picture.

James Grills

James Grills is a technical writer passionate about writing on emerging technologies in the fields of mobile application development and IoT technology. He is a marketing consultant – currently associated with Cumulations Technologies, a mobile application development company in India.