Adeeb has expertise, the government has named it: KSMDFC

Disagreeing with the so-called nepotism in the appointment of one of its senior officials, the Kerala State Minority Development Financing Corporation (KSMDFC) has chosen to leave the responsibility to the government.

A.P. Abdul Wahab, chairman of the company's board, and V.K. Akbar, chief executive, told the media on Thursday that it was the government that had named K.T. Adeeb, a relative of the Minister of Social Affairs of Minorities, K.T. Jaleel, to the position of General Manager. They also stated that none of the other candidates who appeared for the interview were eligible for the post to which an appointment could be made only by delegation from other departments or statutory bodies.

Mr. Wahab testified that of the seven candidates who applied for the position, only three went for the interview and that they did not meet the criteria for being appointed on deputation. The Executive Director was asked to find a suitable person. Mr. Adeeb, a senior executive at South Indian Bank, had already applied for the position, but he did not attend the interview. Since he possessed all the required qualifications, he was appointed in accordance with Rule 9 (b) of the Kerala Public Service Regulations.

When asked how the South Indian Bank could be characterized as a "statutory body", Mr. Wahab stated that it was a "statutory bank operating under an Act of Parliament", which could therefore be described as a "statutory body".

He also chose to turn to broad generalizations such as the high number of engineering graduates in the banking sector when asked why B.Tech. with a postgraduate degree in banking was added as a qualification for the position. "It's the government that has changed the qualification guidelines. We only recommended his name because of his expertise in the field, "said Wahab.

Asked about the allegation that Mr. Adeeb would not have obtained the mandatory authorization of the Office of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption for the appointment of senior officials of public sector enterprises, although that Mr. Vahab first indicated that the position of general manager did not enter his field later, the authorization could be easily obtained in a month.

Mr. Akbar, however, asserted that they acted in accordance with the instructions of the company's legal advisers and that the appointment decision was made by the senior managers of the department. And it was not a permanent position, but a one-year contract work, he said.