Change the title of the film to 'Devendirar Magan', Dr Krishnasamy exhorts Kamal Haasan

The founder of Puthiya Tamizhagam, K. Krishnasamy, warned Wednesday the actor Kamal Haasan not to continue his film project titled Thevar Magan 2, claiming that the title had caused immense hardship to members of the Devendrakula Vellalar community in southern Tamil Nadu in 1993, when the first payment was made, Thevar Magan, has been freed.

In a letter to Mr. Haasan, published on social media, Dr. Krishnasamy said that the political actor should follow his "centrist" political view and name his film. Devendirar Magan this time.

"If you really want to follow the" centrist "politics, you should name the film Devendirar Magan based on a community that is struggling to recover its identity. If you are firm to name the film Thevar Magan 2there would be large-scale opposition and protests against the film. It will not work … it will be stopped, "warned Dr. Krishnasamy.

He said that Mr. Haasan should name his suite Devendirar Magan to compensate for the "troubles" caused by the previous movie.