Get the FlexiSpot Bike Desk for Fun, Not Just for Health Benefits

The office is considering health benefits for some time – like all the time. "Why not a bike," says the boss. "We all have bikes" was the unanimous answer. Living in Palo Alto and having an office here means that your transportation choices include walking or riding. If you think of a car, you have problems. And for our remote employees and other employees who come to the Bay Area, they get to know the transit system very quickly.

For everyone, one thing is true: it has been proven that physical activity has many health benefits. The ultimate exercise is to go out in the sun and breathe some fresh air. Therefore, taking a bike or walking to work has a double benefit.

Still, not everyone can succeed in the operation of going out every day. If you enjoy working, you'll find yourself at the office more than in the gym or the great outdoors. However, this does not promote a healthy lifestyle. For our office filled with non-stop workers, we knew we needed to find a solution.

Fit the exercise

Our office is very lit by the natural sun – a bonus. We have plants – pin a rose on our nose. However, in our coworking offices, we like to stay and work and work and work. Crazy, I know. It's the life of the entrepreneur.

To stay productive without sacrificing the time we need to devote to health and exercise, we decided to try the FlexiSpot Bike Desk. We thought the team could train enough, strengthen their legs and build their stamina for potential bike rides, while staying focused on the work we had to do – while having fun.

How do you put the pedal on the metal (and the mind!)

This bike hit all of us in our office how easy it was to exercise without losing sight of what we were doing or slowing down the pedaling. Instead, it quickly became natural to pedal by typing emails, writing, taking calls, or whatever we were doing all those hours glued to a desk. And when we wanted to take a break after pedaling, there was plenty of room to stay at the FlexiSpot Bike Desk without the seat getting in the way.

Easy to assemble and even easier to use

The fact that we are in the heart of Silicon Valley and we are proud of some of the technical solutions we have developed does not mean that the installation of equipment is our strong point. Whatever the level of assembly of our office, we all loved assembling this bike. It was because we took the bike out of the box, then out of the office, and then we tied the desk to the bike. And just like that, it was done. No trouble finding the correct screwdriver or headache from ten pages of instructions.

The same level of expertise is used to use it, which means that we have mastered it the first time we've all tried it. A simple lever adjusts the seat. The adjustable desk is just as easy to understand. The flat part of the desk can easily be adjusted to your comfort level, including moving it forward, backward, up or down.

Our office has become a gym without noise

Although we may have increased the air conditioning by a few degrees because we all sweat in one of the eight levels of resistance, the office was not distracted. The sound of pedaling is rather a whisper compared to the voices of each.

To see how quiet it really was, we tested its use on the speakerphone to see if the person on the other end knew we were pedaling. The only thing that betrayed him was our breathlessness. Other than that, this bike desk is very quiet.

Global impressions

Our office staff loves having this opportunity to do some exercise while working and most of them discover that they are doing more exercise than ever before. Now, our remote staff has sent his holiday wish list with this bike office topping the list. Available between $ 300 and $ 400 and available on Amazon, this desktop bike is a small investment given the productivity and health it provides.

While it would be good to have some features connected so that we could store and compare our bike data and the competitive spirit of our office, the bike counter made us healthier and more productive. And we all have too much fun at work!

Deanna Ritchie

Deanna Ritchie

Managing Editor at ReadWrite

Deanna is the editor-in-chief of ReadWrite. Previously, she worked as a senior editor for Startup Grind and has over 20 years of experience in content development.